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I'm VERY stressed out/angry/frustrated today for the following reasons:

-there are very important people here at the office today
-i seem to be dropping things all over the place
-my 2 supervisors keep giving me opposite directions what they want me to do
-The one supervisor says she needs me to send 80 fed ex envelopes out TODAY so I've been working my tail off trying to get those done
-Randy helped me get them done but he wasted a lot of my time because he screwed up a bunch of stuff and went "oh well" about it
-The other supervisor asked me what i was doing like he had no idea and says "oh, no were not sending those out today"
-Later my dad (who is HIS boss) says "YES THOSE ARE IMPORTANT!"
-I accidentally rolled over one of said documents with my chair
-Dad asked me to e-mail some guy and get his fax number before 1. He never e-mailed me back and then dad's boss gave me the fax number at like 1:11. Dad then told me "i didn't tell you to e-mail him, i told you to /call/ him. Um. No he didnt.
-Mixed signals = EW
-The one female supervisor claims that I said something bad about her and yelled at me about it in front of everyone today (even though I didnt)
-She later realizes I didn't say a thing about her and just goes "oh." and proceeds to get mad at the person who told her I said stuff....who is not here today so I can't ask her "wtf" either.
-We had a super boring meeting today about god knows what cuz half of it was....IN SPANISH!!!
-There is no way im going to get home in time to do my shipping i need to do
-my blockbuster videos are late
-my tablet broke last night and I don't know why its acting funny or how to fix it, so i need to call tech support but i think they close at like...6. im not getting home by then.

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