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what a surprise!

So yesterday I was really rather upset at the world for various reasons and dad said he had a surprise for me today and that I wasn't going to work. He and June had cancelled their trip to the lake because he has work to do this weekend, so i felt kind of bad thinking they cancelled because ive been so down in the dumps lately (yes the world revolves around me....just kidding, dad just doesnt like to leave me alone when I'm depressed).

So, the surprise was.......UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD! I haven't been since I was 8 years old so it was really fun for me to bring back some memories and check out the new rides.

Now, I'm sure some of you have seen the commercials for the new Mummy ride....and oh my god it has got to be one of the best indoor rollercoasters EVAR! The effects weren't what I was expecting but the coaster itself is very awesome. Space mountain (now that its been entirely darkened) will still always be my favorite but this comes in as a close second in the indoor category.

To my surprise, Jurrasic Park the ride was actually pretty lame up until the very end. The dinos were lame save for the T-rex (which is obvious where the money went) but the rest of them were worse than the animals on the safari tour at disneyland.

The studio tour was wicked awesome as usual, hokey yes, but very cool since they were filming Meet The Fachers and there were lots of busy people all over the studios, plus Ryan Seacrest was doing some kind of VIP tour with his cameras and stopped by our tour bus and said hello to us. I can't stand Ryan Seacrest in the slightest but its always pretty cool when I see a famous person in their natural habitat, Hollywood ;) *ahem*.

Unfortunately the Back to the Future ride is really showing its age. It reminded me of when i went on the submarine ride at disneyland for the last time before they shut it down and the sharks faces were caved in and full of algea, the sea monster didnt work and the mermaids tops were off. In this case, the screen was all dirty and musky, the effects were really outdated (as if they haven't changed anything in the however many years that things been open..which is most likely very true). Everyone was saying something about how it doesnt apply to the future anymore since its all 80's-tastic *which I find adds to the charm and hey, the original movie came out before i was even born! I saw the third one in the theatres for crying out loud) but still, its really just...well..losing its magic. *le sigh*

The city walk was awesome, and is a new attraction just outside of the themepark. Has great shops and restaurants *including a wolfgang puck pizza place, yum yum!* and I will be sure to go there with a friend or "someone who cares" as my dad put it, at somepoint in the future =D I could stay there all day and not even go into the theme park!

I bought myself a souvenir, donkey ears and a donkey tail *ala Shrek* and yes, gearpony I bought you some too as a present ;) I thought you might get a kick out of em. The guy who sold em to me was a real ass though (not meant to be a joke, actually quite serious, but it can be if you want).

So now I'm home having eaten nothing but sugar all day. No wonder I have a massive headache, but it was so worth it. *mrrrs*

I love this state =D

*EDIT* forgot to mention, dad got me a really kickass Spiderman shirt I'm going to wear to SDCC, so, if you see a chick wearing a black shirt with a white spiderman silhouette and faded jeans that are frayed and cutoff at the knee, dats a meesa! =D
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