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Forgot to mention

I forgot to say that Universal Studios was making such a big deal about Van Helsing that they had a haunted house based on the movie *surprising the animatronics was better than the JP ride*

anyways, i guess there was a reason why the sign said "no wait" on the wait time board, since the only thing scary about it was how long of a walk it was through the damned thing.

There were only 2 monsters that jumped out at you and you saw them coming, and the rest of it was just walking through ominous hallways. Now, as an avid haunted house goer I can honestly say that the one in Irvine at the Imax theatre mall was faaaaaaar scarier than this had ever hoped to be, hell it didnt even showcase the movie hardly at all!

God what a disappointment.

I will say one thing that was cool though was they had the wolf man tied up on chains *a guy in a wolf suit* and hed run the length of the chains and try to grab you. It was amusing yes, scary? ....not on your life.

Universal *tsk tsk tsk* you can do better.

oh and PS: I hurt my voice screaming on the mummy ride (roller coasters are more fun when you scream) and I think i lost my voice today, so if anyone calls me, its not a man answering, its just me.
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