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If you're an artist, NEVER get paid by the hour

'Tis true because if you happened to be fast, like i am apparently, then you will have done a lot of work for cheap =P

This is what I got accomplished on my day off:
one picture of aleu
one picture of balto's head
one picture of jenna's head
one picture of a possible Jenna adopt a character for The Ice Cave

A surprise baby picture for Graywolf..right here:
Look familiar, Silver, Tav and CW? ;)
First half of Arbeywolf's (Cyphermutt's) commission which is right here

Raeann, if you would like me to send you the version without the watermark for an avatar, please let me know

Sprites made:
one balto sprite
one jenna sprite
one steele sprite
and a surprise sprite for Silver Huskey (here ya go Silver)

Silver, I sent all those to you via e-mail so go check! =)

All of the above plus a commission i did for Bear the fennec and Vesta's commission
This is Bear....You can commission me to ink your character on Bristol too if youd like *hint hint* I have one on auction but if you are one of my live journal/TIB/RL buddies (or my boyfriend) just contact me and ill give you a "buddy discount"
That book hes reading says "famous fennecs" heh...funny =P

Its such a pain in the ass to scan things cuz im on a laptop thats messed up and i have to unplug it, RUN to the next room *cuz it loses power fast* plug it into the scanner, stand there and scan things, then unplug it and run to the livingroom and send them.

So anyways, all in all i'd say it was a VERY productive day!
And i still haven't done my homework *slaps own wrist* im bad i know.
Anyhoo, please, let me know what you think!
As for sprites, in case you havent seen them yet i made some for CW and Radar

I like the CW one the best out of those. I REALLY like the silver huskey one. I could use it as a template to make other sled dog ones if i really wanted *sigh* i dont want to right now though. besides i may not cuz it was a special present for her and i want it to stay special. okay..i wont..*needed some assurance there*

Anyhoo, im very pleased with my accomplishments, i think im going to get work on a Tiffalynx drawing, i just got inspired =)
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