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Just so you all know I'm going to be very busy the next few weeks. This week I'm going to be getting ready for ComiCon and my NY trip and on thursday I'm going up to LA to visit snowwolfmystic while she's in town doing her dirty thoughts!)

This weekend I'll be at ComiCon with gearpony, ruggels and plague_dog.

This also means I'm not going to be around for Yerf reviews (I've made a note of that to the other reviewers/admins....hopefully they don't take me off as a reviewer altogether simply because this month just isnt good for me), so now's your chance to submit your app without fear of my wrathful review DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!

Then for the first 2 weeks in August I'll be in NY gettin my freak on with Bad Religion and all that New Yorky...stuff..provided the Republican convention doesnt get sacked by god knows who (terrorists/anarchists...please god no) so please pray for my safety and that everything goes swimmingly in that aspect. *worried*

So yeah, sorry I haven't been online at all.

ruggels if I don't catch you, please just go ahead and give gearpony your new cell # and we'll find you at the con.

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