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wyyyylldddd fiiireeeezzzz omg!

Can this state just like..NOT burn for ONE fucking day? Seriously. There's a fire in San Diego, a fire in Riverside, and there was a fire down the street. Gutter Horse told me that there were some apartments on fire the other day, we got to go see the damage and go "oo" and "ahh".

This is kind of funny though: I was listening to the radio this morning and they said...and I quote "One of the wildfires in the southland was started by a suicidal bird. A red tailed hawk had run into the powerlines and fell to the ground....on FIRE....and started the blaze." Dad and I were cracking up the whole way to work on that one..I don't know but the image of a bird bursting into flames reminds me of my highschool jokes of what happens when you feed rice to pigeons...*is immature*

Oh my god this song just came on the radio and its unbelievably appropriate (then again, when isn't it?)
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