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cops cops everywhere

today just going to my dads girlfriends house i saw 5 black and whites, one CHP, and 2 motorcycle cops. for some reason i just have the amazing ability to coincidentally be out driving at the beginning of a new shift! and thats the worse time to drive. their whole deal is to get their tickets done at the beginning of the shift and then go hang out for coffee for the rest of the shift. then at the end of the shift they "put the blinders on" on the way back to the station..meaning they try to not get wrapped up in any kinda stop for too long so they cant go home so they try to ignore the little broken rules here and there. but if you go zooming past them they have no choice but to stop you so...dont be fooled. how do i know this? dad was a cop and wrote a book called "The Ticket Book" by Rodney Alan Dornsife *my daddy*. dont believe me? look it up. it was a best seller in the 80's. he was even on various late night talk shows and radio shows because of it. =) dads done a lot....

but yeah, out of all those cops today, none of them stopped me THANK GOD. a motorcycle cop decided to hang around behind me and make me nervous till he zoomed past me at 90 mph. i HATE it when they do that! they do it just for kicks too =P other news, Squirt changed their can logo *looks, takes a sip* tastes the same. ah well....mmmm....
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