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(Politics) Things Kerry Has Accomplished

Found this on a friends LJ who found it on DA and decided to post it on my own for pure amusement and discussion. Yes..discussion, not flamewars...

I am a republican and have a right to my own viewpoints, but these are someone elses words and not my own, but I found it true to the point and amusing nonetheless. Check under the cut to see what I'm talking about.

I have voted in favor of higher taxes 350 times

I have voted against the Reagan tax cuts during a strong recession (the cuts were passed and provided 7 years of economic boom creating over 20 million jobs)

I have voted against the Bush tax cuts during recession (the cuts were passed and also created 1.5 million jobs in 10 months and stimulated the economy)

I stated that "any senator that voted against the $87 billion to fund our troops in Iraq would be turning his back on them." Then I vote against it.

I voted against the first gulf war that had a 14 to 0 U.N approval but to seize political opportunity I voted for the second gulf war without U.N... approval. Not risking
the lives of our soliders to defend the country but to make me look more "middle of the road".

I consider terrorists such as Yasir Arafat to be statesman.

I once said that our army should be completely controlled by the U.N.

My Kerry amendment to cut intelligence funding by $6 billion dollars during the cold war was so liberal not even my buddy Ted Kennedy could vote for it.

I voted for a nuclear freeze during the cold war arms race (the race was a major part in the fall of the Soviet Union.)

I voted for a 50 cent tax raise per gallon of gasoline.

I support programs that keep more qualified workers from getting jobs

I have been the most anti-2nd amendment rights senator in U.S history

I said taxes should not be raised during a downturn but after the Bush cuts started to work I quickly pushed for a tax raise

Partial birth abortions good- death penalty for terrorists bad

I voted against the Laci Peterson law that protects pregnant women from violence (so much for my women's rights platform)

I have a lifetime rating of 25 out of 100 by citizens against government waste. (Edwards even worse than me with a 13)

I am against preventing frivolous lawsuits that raise the cost of healthcare.

I said Ronald Reagan was too tough on terrorists. (you know those guys aren't so bad)

I proposed an amendment to cut intelligence funding by $1.5 billion during the War on Terror.

I voted against using apache helicopters and stealth bombers.

I voted to cut $300 million form intelligence after the first world trade tower attack again after USS Cole attack and again after African embassy attacks.

I voted against prohibiting the burning of the American flag.

I have voted against a balanced budget amendment five times. (three times it called for lower spending)

I voted against eliminating the marriage penalty, an extra tax on people just for being married.

I voted for the largest tax increase in the history of the United States.

I voted against the defend America act of 1996 that would effectively protect US soil from ballistic missile attacks.

I like riding in SUV's, private jets, limos..etc... but you shouldn't do that

I think we should get rid of the dept of agriculture

My campaign promises will cost you an extra $1.9 trillion dollars (but ill tell you it only cost $658 billion)

I voted against welfare work reform that helps people on welfare obtain a job

I said I was proud of the fact that john Edwards and I voted against the $87 billion to support our troops

I missed 2/3 of senate votes while campaigning (but i can still criticize the president for taking vacations even though I take 66% percent time off, right?)

My actions have endangered the lives of U.S... soldiers in every war since vietnam.

I am the most liberal senator in the U.S senate (Edwards number 4)

I have flip-flopped on over 50 key issues (some more than once)

I said that the danger of Al Qaeda has been exagerated and Al Qaeda is not as bad as we think.

I have continualy supported communists governments.

I have a lifetime F rating from the National Taxpayers Union

I believe countries countries involved in the oil-for-food scandal should have a part in the rebuilding of a free Iraq

I take advantage of tax loopholes to prevent paying for the social programs I support. better your money than mine (Edwards does it too)

I consistently vote against technology upgrades for our military


I backed the People's Peace Treaty, written in Communist East Germany, which called for the removal of U.S. Forces PRIOR to the return of POW/MIAs.

North Vietnams top General, Gen. Giap, credits the VVAW with helping him win the war in his memoirs stating "if it weren't for organizations like Kerry's
Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Hanoi would have surrendered to the U.S."

POW's, including John McCain, report VVAW activities and My own statements were used against them during their torturous interrogations.

1992 in defense of Bill Clinton's Draft Dodging: "I am saddened that Vietnam has yet again been inserted into the campaign." (Yes it's sad when this happens isn't it

I testified, and met with Communist Vietnam delegates in Paris in 1971. Providing Aid and Comfort to an enemy engaged against U.S. forces is treason.

I was part of an anti-vietnam war group that actually voted on assassinating U.S congressman.

I pushed for regular trade with Vietnam

I tried to erase the possibility that POW's were still alive in vietnam by shredding documents preventing leaks and declassifications of materials.

I went on speaking tours with Jane Fonda who gave funds and goods to North Vietnam directly aiding their cause and directly caused the tourture of U.S. POW's.

I think I'm going to be voting for the lesser of two evils come election day..I'd rather not have my country run by a chocoholic cartoon cereal vampire.

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