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San Diego ComicCon - Day 1

Considering I only went to ComicCon for 2 days, I figured I would make 2 posts telling of the events that happened. I would have to say that Saturday, by far, was the best day....

gearpony and I had stayed at my moms house the previous night and got up early to meet ruggels and his friend Tom at the trolley station. The night before, ruggels had let gearpony borrow one of his copies of Kaze: Ghost Warrior for us to review and discuss the next day and I have to say, for a job done by a single man on two computers in the middle of the arctic tundra, its pretty damn good, but it also reeked of that "white boy who's obsessed with Japanese culture" fad I'm not too fond of. Not to mention that the complex character designs made the camera angles/action very confusing. Mom also had to explain the plot to gearpony and I which made me feel kind of uninformed, hee hee.

Anyhoo, despite ruggels' horrible directions, we somehow made it to the Old Town Trolley just in fact, a little earlier than scheduled and I took the opportunity to call Tavis and tell him I was going to be occupied for the rest of the day.

We met up with ruggels, who was wearing a black suit (damn weren't you hot in that thing?) and Tom who reminded me a lot of Superman..and I told him so =)

We sat down on the trolley and were on our way to the convention center and ruggels made a sweet comment about my eyes...which I wish I could have heard because we were going through a tunnel...and then showed me his sketchbook. I'm currently inbetween sketchbooks so I didn't have much to show him in mine unfortunately =/

The convention center was not quite packed but upon entry it brought me back to when I went 2 years ago and I immediately wished I had dressed up this year. Since gearpony and I didn't have a set plan, we let ruggels take us around and show us all that he wanted to show us.

I was trying to avoid going to the View Askew booth and breaking the bank in my first few hours so we tried to look at places that didnt involve spending money. gearpony and I desperately wanted to meet spacehyena since were both huge fans of her artwork and we went over to her side of the convention center, but alas, no Cara. However I /did/ get to meet the wickedly awesome Anthony Waters who is more than a pleasure to talk to =D We talked about giant squid attacks *squee* and octopus beaks..makes me wish they would make a movie (read: GOOD movie) about giant squid attacks...hrm.

I bought one of spacehyena was there, but we didn't get to see her that day unfortunately.

Despite reports of it being horribly warm in the convention hall, I was rather cold and borrowed ruggels's coat which was way..way..way too big for me ( I think I have a picture of that..I'll upload it if I remember) but it was kind of funny to look at.

I finally gave into temptation and went to the View Askew booth where I was gravely disappointed. All they had were the Clerks cartoons lunchbox, the figurines and a couple t-shirts from the website, but most of it was just DC/Marvel comic paraphenalia. Um..hel-LO I did not come to the View Askew booth to buy Marvel merch..but whatever. Walt Flannagan wasn't there this year, I think he opted to not come since last year my friend Travis heard him saying how sick he is of manning the booth and not getting out to get some "me" time or whatever. Understandable...comic fans are nuts. I bought myself a View Askew shirt with the clown logo on it and went on my way. Disappointing, but I couldn't leave empty handed. That's shirt #2 this trip...and yet another day I don't have to do laundry.

At some point, and I forgot when, ruggels took gearpony and I to Dick's Last Resort for lunch, where we were met by rude waiters, horrible service, charred burgers and watery lemonade. I don't think I'll be going back there again, although drawing on the placemats was pretty amusing, especially when ruggels busted out his big knife and nearly chopped up the table cropping his drawing of Niko for me to keep. Check please. 0_o

gearpony had wanted to take a trip over to Parks Sabers and check out the lightsabers they had to offer and ended up finding one she liked. The catch was, it was the last one left and they were unable to take credit the clerk asked her and ruggels to leave me as "collateral" while they went to an ATM. I sat there for awhile waving at people who asked to purchase the last Graflix lightsaber only to be told that I'm the "deposit" left by another customer. It was rather amusing =D I also got to watch people get pictures of Clingons and Stormtroopers attacking each other. gearpony and ruggels eventually came back with a fatty wad of cash and purchased the thing which I immediately wanted to try to break since the Parks Sabers tagline is "unbreakable". Hey..we gotta put that thing to the test, right?

After that the three of us decided to go into the industry lounge and rest our feet a bit (and nap). Some of ruggels' came up to visit him and gearpony and I kept ourselves occupied with our own things while they talked. I don't like being rude, but I usually don't have much to talk about with people. gearpony and I wanted to go down and check out the merchandise a little more but ruggels wanted to go to the Adult Swim panel. My reasoning against this was: gearpony and I are students, therefore we spend a great deal of our time in class, and when a discussion is in class format where we sit there for a couple of hours listening to people talk for a long time, our instinct is to ditch and go find more active things to do. I like Adult Swim, but I wasn't too fond of the cartoons they were showcasing (I mean..come ON! No Futurama? No Oblongs? pshh) with the exception of the new show Venture Brothers which I'll be looking forward to. gearpony and I sat through a bit of it, nibbling on the chocolate that ruggels was sweet enough to buy us to keep us from conking out due to lack of food all day, but the man that sat in front of gearpony loved showing us his asscrack...and it was winking at us...and we excused ourselves during a clip and told ruggels to call us when it was over.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, speaking of Adult Swim I got to meet Billy West and get a signed photograph from him. For those that don't know, he's the voice of Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Stimpy, and many other cartoon favorites. *squee!* If Jim Cummings was there I would have just about shit a brick, but Billy West was enough to get me all fangirly and nervous and "OMG ITS HIM" like. I feel like an idiot, but then again, I didn't stand around making up words..right ruggels?? ;)

Since ruggels' friend Tom was going to some party at some hotel, gearpony and I invited him to come hang with us for dinner, since we had a plan with her friend resillient to go lasertagging later in the evening. After awhile of thinking of places we could go since none of us know the area all too well, we found a little steakhouse on the side of the freeway that had the most EXCELLENT filet mignon I've had in awhile. Hey..I only spent $40 the whole day and I had $150 to spend...I think that makes up for it ;)

Afterwards I wanted ice cream really bad so we went on the hunt for a Cold Stone..but soon realized that even if we /did/ find one, it would be closed. *weep*
Then ruggels asked me if I farted, which I will swear on a stack of bibles I did not and I think it was you. Nyah. ;P Nasty old man. *offended!*

We drove around for a bit thinking of where to get ice cream and ruggels and gearpony had to put up with my awful singing to my Bad Religion CD. God I love that band...*swoon*, but we soon switched it over to some 80's music which we all enjoyed.

We headed over to the street we were supposed to meet resillient on and gave into temptation and went into the STINKIEST smelling grocery store I have ever been in and ruggels and I bought 2 pints of Hagen Daas coffee ice cream...NUMMERZ! I swear though the grocery store smelled like cat piss masked with bleach masked with rotting meat with more bleach piled on. Rancid. =P

We all sat in my car and gearpony chatted on the phone with resillient while ruggels and I blissfully wolfed down our ice cream while bopping to 80's music. Rock! Oh, and I think we discovered that he's my spirit animal somehow in the conversation....

Then it was time to take ruggels home and meet up with gearpony's friends, since niether of us have been there before and they had mentioned that it was called Ultrazone and it was next to a Carls Jr.

I will tell you... there is no fucking Carl's Jr. on Sports Arena Boulevard . Nope. We checked. There's every other fast food place in the world...but no Carl's Jr. Sooner or later we found out where it was..thanks to resillient asking for directions and calling us back, so gearpony and I found the place and parked. Guess was next to an In - N- Out *brick*. IN N OUT IS NOT CARLS JR!!!!!!

While waiting for resillient to show up, gearpony and I walked around and saw the cutest dog in the world! It was a little puppy shi-tzu and it flopped around like a bouncy mop. AWWW! I also saw an old friend from highschool who was about to play some laser tag with a group of his friends...and that was awkward.

resillient showed up and we bought our tickets for the next game. Little did we know, they were going to put us newbies in with the uber-pros and we only had 3 people on our team vs. 10 >=/

The only good thing about that game was they were playing Bad Religion through the first half of it, but the music suddenly stopped thus leaving the sounds of people's feet which doesn't make it very fun to sneak up on anyone =(

All three of us crouched in corners sniping people, but when the others found out where we were hiding I made my way to a secluded part of the building to rethink my strategy, but was quickly surrounded by 6 members of the opposite team and shot dead about a billion times >=/ GODDAMMIT!

My old school chum also hit me a couple times before I got him back and followed him, shooting him as soon as his gun unfroze.

I found the girls again later and we hid again, only to be repeatedly shot by one of the pros through a hole in the wall. Nice. Real nice. Pick on the newbies mmmyeah. Every laser tag place I've been in has different targets on the shoulder harness and I wasn't quite sure if this was one of those you had to hit the gun or the little blinking lights on the chest piece, but either way, I'm a horrible aim under pressure and we got our asses kicked miserably.

Tired and defeated, we all made our way to our cars, bid each other goodnight and crankily drove home. This would set the mood for the next day unfortunately as we neglected our showers and flopped sweatily into our beds. =P

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