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stupid watership down bunnies!

right now im watching watership down. no matter how many times i watch this, i fail to see the point of the movie. i mean..i like the character design and animation, but the story confuses the heck outta me! Bigwig is my favorite.

Reminds me of the time when I had to get up early to take Tavis to the airport. He drove though, cuz i rather him drive Calvin *my car* when hes out here, especially cuz that morning i was much too tired to operate a vehicle. I was asleep in the front seat and he stopped suddenly. i woke up and saw this mass herd of bunnies crossing the street! Tavis grumbles "Stupid Watership Down Bunnies!!!" and drives on after they crossed. I snickered to myself, unsure of if i was dreaming or not, hee hee. i wasnt ;)

but yeah, if anyone could help me out on the details of watership down that would be great. i know the basic jist of the movie but...gawd...weird stuff! and such a violent movie about bunnies.
i have the DVD so i have the "bunny speak" extra feature. its very interesting =)
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