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Yesterday was wonderful! Tavis and I went to the city, the weather was perfect, and we got to see a bunch of things I've never seen before. Our first stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is a fabulously HUGE building and we couldn't possibly see everything in one day, but we walked around for a few hours. My favorite part was the ancient greek statues. They really inspired me to draw more classical artwork (I'm trying to get out of the furry thing for professional reasons....its difficult since its all I've really drawn my whole life). We also saw some really bizarre modern art which I simply just dont understand. You know, the type thats a canvas with a blue splotch on it and it says "this is what color my dreams are" or something of the like. =P

We also got to see a bunch of original Van Gough paintings, which was also very inspiring. They are MUCH better in person, I assure you...since I always felt his paintings were rather dull in color but these are actually quite vibrant! Prints don't do them justice.

Afterwords we got a hotdog and made our way towards the Balto statue where we sat down for a bit and admired the big metal puppy. You can't go to the city and not see Balto..its a rule or something ;)

Then we made our way to Times Square. Its like Las Vegas, only taller! I really enjoyed seeing all the lights and strange signs. Even the NYPD post there has a neon sign =D We went into a big Hershey's store where they had the worlds largest chocolate bar and lots of candy goodies you can't typically get in stores...which made me even hungrier for chocolate *not to mention they pumped in chocolate smell along with the air conditioning to make you want some*

Tavis then took me to Little Italy where we went to this cute little restaurant who's name escapes me at the moment. I had rigatoni de la vodka and he had lasagna and a glass of wine. Tavis always knows how to take me on really nice dates and this was definitely one of the better ones. The atmosphere was nice, the food was good, and the company was even better =D Afterwards, we got dessert. I had this monstrous chocolate cake with a crust made out of chocolate chips and he had tiramisu. We washed it down with the best coffee....ever =D mmmmmm

Afterwards we headed home on the Staten Island Ferry. You know, the statue of liberty isn't that big, and it would have been impossible for the Ghostbusters to walk her through the harbor to the city, since she'd have been completely submerged on the way over! Not to mention it would have taken a VEEEEERRRRY long time...silly Ghostbusters, tricking us with their camera foolery. =P

Oh and minor note, Tavis now has a new nickname for me: Skink.
We went to the petshop the other day as well as the Staten Island zoo and we saw fire skinks and they are sooooooo cute! So yeah, I'm skinky wuff.

Tavis should be home im gonna get going. adios!
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