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Well, I'm back from NY. I have stories and artwork to show (stuff thats purely for sale...but artwork nonetheless).

I'm cranky this morning cuz I had a HORRIBLE flight and got in late...never fly America West unless you want to fear for your life..and your wallet.

Big superhuge thanks to gearpony for picking me up from the airport on time and making sure I came home to a clean house and a live dog. Much appreciated.

Now I'm at work where my boss told me to "look busy" cuz he doesnt have anything for me to do right now. Great. I flew back thinking I was desperately needed and I'm not. Not until Thursday. Please excuse me while I go curse at the world. Ah well, I couldnt afford to stay in NY another day anyhow *sigh*

We have a bunch of new temps so I just had to go introduce myself and get their information. One was working at my workstation and they left a pubic hair near my keyboard. Nice. Im going to lysol my whole area now.

Ok, gotta go do some interviews. =/

I miss Tavis...*skink*
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