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Gah! Teeth Too Sharp!!!!

i swear my teeth are getting too sharp. im feeling them with my tongue right now and i cut my tongue JUST DOING THAT!! wtf?! theyre pointy! GAH!
all the better to eat you with my dear =P

And now for the progress report!

Finished works:
Pardo's commission
Xian's birthday present XIANJAGUAR I NEED YOUR MAILING ADDY! i lost it =P thank you =)
Bloodhound Omega's trade

Works in progress "beginning stages":
Kitsune25's trade
Jerry's commission *bare with me..i have a lot to do and its not easy*

Works in progress that are almost completed:
Michele's Balto commission

Progress! YES!!! *does the happy dance*

Rice...Crackers..Pease...Infinity...Crackers *you already said that*

I think im gonna go surfing in the psychadelic stratosphere.
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