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... very very tired... =((((

No ones going to call tonight I just know it. I had all this cool stuff planned to do while I was awake but quite honestly I'm just so drained already and I have 4 more hours to go until someone is here. Oi vey >_<

Jason and Ken left a bit ago and set off the alarms which I had to run back upstairs, find the code, run back downstairs and turn it off. Then I went to get a soda and I set off an alarm again somehow by walking through the CEO garage (my bad) and then the security guys came and asked me if i was the one who was causing all the trouble =P

I got myself a pepsi so maybe I'll get a little bit wired. I want candy though. mmm..candy...I think I'll have some twix.

I kinda hope someone I know calls me, I'm kind of lonely..and scared. The air compressor in the factory keeps making the doors shake and it makes me think theres someone here (I'm alone in the building with the exception of some factory workers still on the shop floor, but they should be out of here in a few minutes)

I bought a Batman piggy bank at walmart the other day for 5 bucks. Its just a bust of batman and you stick the coins i his neck. I brought him with me and sat him on my shelf. I've been talking to him for the past half an hour....I think I'll disembowel him and buy myself some candy from the snack machine.

I think I'll curl up with my green blanket and green pillow and nap a bit. I like green. *curls up and hides from the air compressor* I'm not volunteering for the night shift again.
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