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Now I know why they call it the graveyard shift. You end up being like the walking dead afterwards.

Well I'm officially sick. I have a fever and my head is so congested I feel like my skull is morphing into that of a neanderthal with bulging eyebrows and flattened forehead...oi the pressure!

i just took some nyquil and im waiting for it to take affect. I almost fell down the stairs a few minutes ago..before I had taken the nyquil. I think i should stay off my feet for a bit.

Can everyone do me a favor tomorrow and /not/ call me if you know my number? Ive gotten way too many phonecalls today and yesterday when i was trying to sleep.

I talked to Tav a bit today, but not enough. I miss him. I wish I had someone to just sit with to keep me company, but even if he were here i wouldnt want to get him sick. *sigh*

I was supposed to see my mom today, but i dont want to infect her.
I was supposed to see my wuff bro today before he leaves for michigan for good next weekend..but alas..too sick to even move. Hopefully he'll come this week and hopefully fantasmag0ria sent out that tape she promised so we can have a screening before he leaves. I havent checked my mail in about 2 weeks so I'm not even sure if I have overdue bills much less the tape.

I watched Hidalgo tonight because Dad and June came over and brought me medicine and entertainment. THat was really nice of them. Hidalgo was good but I wish it was a little more about the horse and less about the dude. Also, there were quite a few horse sound effects that were also used in Spirit. It was strange to know exactly what sound was used where in Spirit...ugh. I hate that when I recognize things, it ruins the effect.

i want mexican food (my comfort food) but it hurts to chew. Dad brought me push-ups ice cream thingies..a childhood favorite of mine *mmm flinstone vitamin C* and I ate the chicken strips gearpony bought for us. Thanks Guts. =)

Ok Im getting a little woozy. I think im going to go pass out now.
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