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im gonna fly awaaaaay!

i tried to get my wings tonight, but party city was closed. Damn =P
im going with tiffany tomorrow to party city and the mall to get stuff for our costumes. im gonna go digging through my stuff to find some "kitty items" for Tiff's cat costume =)
I also talked to Xian tonight, bugging her about her present lol!
shes great, and weird and FUN! =D

ugh, moms watching some weird semi porno thingy on the "television station for women-lifetime" =P they have the trippiest movies! gah!

Tiff and i are going on an all protien diet starting tomorrow. just for a little bit. but the suck part about that is tomorrow is a senior breakfast, and they may be serving donuts and other carbs. that sux....cuz i wanted to go to that. maybe ill start the diet tuesday. =P

when someone is "zealous" they are full of zeal. if someone is "jealous" are they full of jeal? what about gel? jelly filled =) thats a new one...
"ugh! i want your shoes! i am so jelly-filled!" LOL!!! copyright Nicole "Thornwolf" Dornsife. ......LOL

okay well im gonna go do some work...ew. work...
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