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weird dream

i just remembered that last night i had an odd "leave it to beaver" type dream.
Tav was the typical working husband and i was the stay at home wife, bullet bra and all...and the last thing i remember was changing a baby's diaper. i dont know how to do that IRL but in the dream i was such a pro at it! and i was happy too....a little too happy?
its not how i was raised. dad told me to NEVER be like that to any man....while he bosses me around to vaccuum and make him a sandwich lol =P erm...yeah.
but...i know it would never be like that. i know im not one to stand being degraded but in the dream it didnt feel bad/make me mad at all. it was was nice. i enjoy cooking for tavis but...his cooking is better than mine, lol!
hmm....what does it all mean?

man, i could sure go for some of Tav's french toast about now. oh wait..nm...not allowed to have carbs. GRR!
tav had a weird symbolic dream too that turned out really nicely but its not my place to post it id have to ask permission. =)
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