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For my own reference

I really take too much on at a time. I realize this about myself, and I shall fix it.

Commissions (Not accepting any more until I complete these..and I mean it..please don't ask me right now knowing I can't say "no" to money):

-Linda - Weimaraner Portrait (sketching)
- Western Helicopters Logo (thumbnails)
- storyboards (still awaiting outline)
- Mom - friend's Boston Terrier (haven't started)
-Lyndz (awaiting payment)

-Poetic Dragon (did some icons, sketching drawing...did you get the icons I sent you?)
-Vision Crafter

Personal Projects:


To be shipped:
-ruggels's commission
-swandog's prints
-DA purchases
-katarina42's ornament (are you settled in yet?)

The end.
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