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awhile back, like last year, my art class was presented with a contest from California Pizza Kitchen. We had to take an item from their menu or even just some ingredients they used and cleverly/artistically illustrate it on one of their pizza boxes. the rules were:
it HAD to be an item they actually use in their food
it HAD to have CPK or "california pizza kitchen" somewhere on the box.
the article for this can be found here

I started brainstorming for the project and i came up with hawaiian pizza...was gonna have a shark fin coming out of the water but the shark fin in reality was a pizza slice *can you picture it?* okay concept....

the next idea was gonna be tequila chicken pasta with a drunken chicken eating the worm...but nah..that wouldnt go over very well.

my next idea..and i swear this is a winner...Potato Leek Soup.
i was gonna have a potato standing with its back to you...and it was gonna be *writing the word 'soup' in the snow* get it? Potato-LEAK-SOUP!! the potato is peeing the word soup into the snow??!! LOL never eat yellow snow, especially at california pizza kitchen. yeah well.. i was so ready to do that. my art teacher liked it but wanted me to actually win something so he didnt want me offending people as i usually do.

so my final idea was taking the "japanese eggplant pizza" and having 2 big fat eggplants sumo wrestling on top of the pizza. heres the finished box. it won 3rd prize which was 2 free dinners at CPK and an award of some sort =)

im messed up i know =)
ALL IMAGES AND CONCEPTS ARE (c) Nicole "Thornwolf" Dornsife. Thank you.=)
in sadder news though, when i was searching for that article i came across the obituary for my grandpa from last february. *sigh* here it is if youd like to read it. His name is Charles E. Dornsife

hes the one who really supported my art from the beginning, since i could pick up a pencil. He taught me a lot of what i know about life in general and even was the one who taught me about facial expressions. i miss him...*sigh* I keep forgetting that he died. its just like hes living down the street like he always has and hes just asleep when i go over i dont want to disturb him. To this day i cant watch Popeye the sailor without thinking of my grandpa *he was in the navy...and loved popeye cartoons*
love you grandpa. i think im gonna go change the channel now. the "Popeye Show" just came on Cartoon Network. Where's Adult Swim when i need it?
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