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Art...if you can call it that

I was in art history learning about aborigineal paintings...a slideshow so it was dark in the room and I drew superheros. I originally had 6 drawings on the paper but I got rid of the other ones cuz they were way too fugly. I used to have 2 being an angry growly one (the angst!!!), a girly looking daredevil and a non-hugh jackman looking wolverine. He actually looked more like a neanderthal now that I think of they are gone cuz they are TEH SUCKAGE but here you go.

Superman looks like my ex boyfriend, Nate who is now dating my good friend Jenny (courtesy of me..tadaaaah!)

Oh. and then there's Bob. *squee*

ruggels don't bother critique-ing these cuz I know you will unless I say something. *snort*
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