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Big fatty art dump


Little introduction to this one:

This is Sarge. He's a new character I've been bouncing around in my brain for awhile. He's a German Shepherd CHP and actually quite an accurate representation of what I feel my more masculine side would be like if I were to draw out a portion of my complex personality. You can't see it in these sketches but he's got one gold fang *a dur hur hur!* Oh yeah. He's badass

Oh..and furries with helmets and glasses are waaaaay difficult. Oh..and I know his star is supposed to be 7 points..I'm just feeling Were-Jewish today. *that and I can't draw a 7 pointed star without a ref just yet*

More of him to come!

Oh and the obligatory stupid superhero doodles I do inbetween and sometimes during classes...

Comic dudes and a Geisha:

Badly drawn Batman who now hates me:

Batman is jealous of Silent Bob...ooohyeah:

Buttman and Robin:

Oh and on a totally unrelated note..does anyone know what movie/show this quote came from? "It's because I'm Blue-ish isnt it?" I keep thinking its something Pixar or 3D related but dammit I'm gonna lose sleep over that quote 0_o
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