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gearpony and resilientspider posting LIVE from somewhere that isn't Thorn's house! WOO!! We're so going to party at this place that isn't her house! WOOO! And eat pizza.. but later. -boo's-

Anyway. Thorn isn't home, clearly. Otherwise this would be deleted.. but we have until tomorrow to do something horrible, like this. However! Yes, there is a but... we have lots of asses. Anyway! I paid for stuff for her.. so.. this is her paying me back, in a fucked up sort of way..

Oh.. yeah.. if neither of us EVAR post again, it's because she murdered us, but I assume she'll make me lead her to Resilient's house, where she can then slaughter us both.. since she only knows where I live. God, how horrible. I see my impending doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom upon her tiny little hands.

So, yeah.. we're posting.. LIVE and uninterrupted! How cool. We're like a clique. We are awesome, and you can't join, assholes.

Oh, I'm also getting her back for calling me today. SAN DIEEEEEGOOOOOOOO! .. Wanker.

She, I suppose, won't be home until tomorrow.. and until then, I can bask in the insanity and pain that she is going to feel when she finds us.. And then Resilient and I can bask in that pain.


... I bet I can run faster than you, too... >.>;
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