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Harry Potter and the Temple of Doom

This is what happens when we dont talk for a couple of weeks.

Thorn: Every Hawaiian I've ever met is a crybaby
Tav: How many have you met? Like..2, 3?
Thorn: No, only a couple.
Tav: 2 or 3 is "only a couple", and I doubt theyre all whiny
Thorn: the ones I've met are.
Tav: all guys or girls too?
Thorn: both. both male AND female *grin*
Tav: Hawaiian Hermaphrodites?
Thorn: Hermaiians
Tav: That sounds like that chick on Harry Potter
Thorn: Hermione????
Tav: Yeah...thats her name??? Shes a hawaiian hermaphrodite!

..well it was funny to /us/
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