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Gutter and I went to McDonalds tonight after Halloween shopping.

I walked in and the McDonalds we went to was all 50's style with a jukebox and those weird straw holders, so I asked the clerk, who was named Jesus, "Dude, whats with the retro?"

Gutter said "Why do you have to talk, why can't you just order?"

Hey..I like to be social, but whatever. So I smacked Gutter's ass when she wasn't looking to retaliate for the snarky comment.

Gutter: "OW!!! JESUS!!
Jesus the clerk: "What?"
Gutter: .....???
Thorn: Dude, thats his NAME
Gutter: Oh.
Jesus: ???!

So then we left and I ate some of my fries, then tried Gutters and hers tasted better.

Thorn: Dude, your fries taste better than mine.
Gutter: That's because Jesus loves me ;D

...I think I'm going to go smack my ass around now. *smacks Gutter*

Gutter: OW! JESUS!
Jesus: WHAT?!
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