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long distance love = sappy crappy poem

Hope he reads this. i didnt title it. sorry..i havent written a single poem since the 7th grade, dont blame me if its dumb.

will you hear me whisper
'i love you' from afar
how can you possibly hear my voice
when were thousands of miles apart

can i touch your hand
to greet you in the day
how can i reach out to you?
when youre just too far away

to comfort you and caress
to soothe your very being
to ease your loneliness
this love i cannot bring

my words travel nowhere
into the dismal night
my love is far from me
and well beyond my sight

im sorry i cant be there
to help you through your pain
to hold you and to love you
this privilege i cant gain

how i wish you knew
what feelings i hold inside
your heartbreak is mine too
my sorrow i cant hide

till we meet again someday
i can only offer you this
may it reach you in some way
a distant soft blown kiss
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