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Status Report

Here's a status report for art and shipments:

Mariah - Starting Over
Western Helicopters - thumbnails not presented yet - On Hold

huskie666 - sketching
poeticdragon - sketching/needs more icons

Personal Projects:
gearpony - icons/needs more of them
Scratchboard for dad - not started
Unfriendly Land - sketch phase

calzephyr77 - shipped (Bacchus Print)
swandog - shipped (Owls, Golden Glare and Bacchus..sorry about the wait, Bacchus is a bonus)
_graywolf_ - shipped (trade)
equusfur - shipped (Bacchus Original + Print)
Jessidear - shipped (Golden Glare sketch/Thornflower/Wait For Me/ Luffwuffs/Golden Glare bonus)
Monika Rollins - shipped (Together)
visioncrafter - not shipped - I've misplaced the bristol folder I kept it in and am still looking for it, if I've completely lost it I'll send you a print and do you another drawing. I'm so sorry! =(
katarina42 - Palm pilot died before I got to sync it so I don't have your new address. Looked for it on your LJ but I'll bring the ornament with me to work tomorrow and if you drop me an e-mail before noon Pacific time I'll send it out along with everything else.
westly - shipped (a surprise) =)

Which also means if you've given me an updated address within the last 2 months, please e-mail it to me? I'm an idiot and forgot to sync my palm pilot again =P NicoleSD at AOL dot com

If I'm forgetting anyone please let me know.
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