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November has turned out to be a very very very very VERY bad month for me. It has come to my attention that I am currently $1200 in debt. Yeah. Bad news. Most of it is due to my car unexpectedly blowing up *yes I still owe money on that believe it or not..turned out to be way more than I had originally quoted* as well as other unforseen catastrophes. Even more unfortunately, is that if I don't get out of this debt soon, NOBODY is going to be seeing me at FC this year, I can promise that ;_;

So, right now I will be selling my soul extra art supplies as well as some auctions, including images from my personal collection to try to get out of this. I don't want to have to resort to drawing porn...but unfortunately I am this close <---> to doing it I'm so desperate at the moment *le sigh*

For now, here's some Basics-Acrylic paints I have up for grabs. Each tube is $2.00, shipping is $1.00 per tube. Teyre messy on the outside but I assure you they're full or barely used and theyre about 6 inches long. Colors are as follows:

Green Light
Burnt Umber
Ultramarine Blue
Dioxazine Purple
Cadmium Red Medium Hue
Titanium White
Neutral Gray
Burnt Siena
Phthalocyanine Green
Cadmium Orange Hue
Cerulean Blue
Yellow Oxide
Cadmium Yellow Light Hue

I also have a set of Lion King acrylic paints, never been used that are from Korea. They're insanely cute! I'm starting the bidding on those at $15 and will end it as soon as it goes a full 24 hours without an additional comment/bid on it. Don't worry about shipping on this one if it goes over $20. I'd be surprised if I get anything for it even though theyre really cute and I hate losing them *sigh*

I also have 2 wolf puzzles, one is a magic eye one and the hidden image is wolves running and its got a wolf and an eagle and some mountains and stuff surrounding the border, the other is one of those images that has the insanely huge animals with the planets and celestial bodies. Those are $5 each, shipping $4.

That's it for now but trust me there will be more and some auctions. *fret* 2 days into the month and I'm already hating it...argh.

Thanks all for your consideration and those who have helped me thus far with advice and/or money. westly, engel_wolf and ruggels *hugs*

PS: Needless to say all gifts and/or trades are going to have to be halted for the time being until I figure stuff out or at least get a little bit closer to my goal. I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have to suffer for my misfortune =(
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