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not social today or any day. please listen to me

i havent been very socialable lately. i have many things to do. lately when i come online im not *really* online. and if i do not want to be disturbed i do not IM anyone or i put my away message on. if i IM you, thats one thing, but please, if i say *cant talk now* or *busy* that means in nicole-speak "no really...i DONT feel like talking to ANYONE right now."

im fighting an internet addiction so ive decided its not best for me to come on for "chit chat". if you happen to catch me online and youre a frequent IMer, please, ill come to you.

do NOT bug me about commissions. im doing NOT bug me about whatever psycho disorder you very skittish and dont take kindly to playing doctor. on normal days, i will listen, but not during this busy busy month. i will notify everyone when i am free.

on the other hand, if you just want to say a quick "hi" thats fine. if i can talk, i will talk to you. but if i say one of those other "phrases" please..respect my wishes and dont IM again. you have no idea how aggrivating it is to think someone realizes youre busy than to have them randomly say something again and totally upset your concentration.

not pointing anyone out, just stating this before it gets out of hand.

reminder..."hello's" are okay. lingering when its not wanted...not okay. "quick comments/questions" are okay, but please..quick is the keyword here.

thank you for your patience with me. i will get my stuff done now IN THE ORDER THEY WERE ASSIGNED. this also patient. others were before you. i must tend to those matters first.
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