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Heeeeeeey! Das gearpony in da house! What! What! Thas right, folks. Thorn's probably in bed, and tomorrow she won't have time to check her El Jay. I'm also, if we get intarweb access up in Mammoth, restricting her from the computer. OH NOEZ! Can she handle four days of computer-free bliss? Well, we'll find out.

Anyway. The weekend after Halloween we totally had a party, (Myself, Thorn, plague_dog, and resilientspider.) We watched Willow and had the GREAT PEANUT BETTER EXPERIENCE! while Thorn was asleep, thus resulting in the appearance of the "haunted" chocolate milk, which we bought when we went to the market at 3am. Oh delicious milk!

When we got home, we found a suprise on the couch, which I quickly pounced upon and flung to the floor, where Thorn's drawings lay. As I chucked the fiendish beast, I shouted my battle cry, "BAH!" Which is now what these foul things repeat as they cling to your face. Oh, and there's some pony porn I captured while on an excursion to the dreaded hive of scum and villany, Wal-mart. Oh woe is I!


It's been whispered that I may shimmy out of my bra and chuck it into the car while on the drive to Mammoth, but I fear my cup's may envelope Thorn and suffocate her, as the cloth demon shouts, "BAH!" That or Reagan will attempt to wear it, as he's prone to do. Mayhaps he's really a woman? He has a thing for speedo's... and innertubes, (I'm hinting at something fiendishly delicious that will be taking place this weekend.)

I'm sure I'll get pictures though! But that aside, I'm off to sleep, as I need to be rested for all the wild foursomes we're going to have. HUZZAH! ;x
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