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Hoth Adventure

Okay this entry is chock full -o- pictures. Yes. On this journal. Why? Cuz I don't know.

So, gearpony(Kelli), resilientspider (Michelle), plague_dog (Reagan) and I went to Mammoth for the weekend. Its a ski resort....with snow...and stuff. Michelle's parents rent an extended stay hotel room up there in this little village area by the gondola so it was really wicked awesome and much fun was had! We started the trip by getting everyone picked up and heading out on the road. We made a stop in Barstow (Can't stay here, this is bat country!) and got some food at In N Out. Well, actually, it was just Reagan and I who got food. Kelli and Michelle drove off in the car and hid from us and made us chase them to get back in. Jerks XD The pitstop wasn't complete though without the sighting of the bum with the cardboard sign that read Spaceship crashed. Need money for parts and food.

So we headed out on the road again listening to some really awesome trance and soundtracks Reagan brought and to Kelli's XM radio. Then we noticed that there were less and less California liscence plates and more Nevada plates....and a little more desert than there should be....and oh my god is that Buffalo Bills, the casino on the Nevada state border?

Bottom line: we were trying to go to Mammoth and somehow ended up in Las Vegas county. yyyyyyep.

So a couple hundred miles out of our way and were back on the road to Mammoth. We get there and get all settled in and made sure to take the obligatory bra cameo picture slork slork slork . There were 2 beds and a couch, meaning someone has to gay with someone else..or hetero, but Reagan is a proper gentleman so it meant "gay" or "floor". I got the big bed all to myself =DDDD For awhile at least. After watching Red vs. Blue I went to bed, but Kelli totally glomped the couch so Michelle and I bunked. Before that though, I went out into the livingroom and noticed they were both watching tv still, I told them to turn it down cuz it was way too freaking loud but it turns out that itw asnt the TV I was hearing, but some guy outside fighting 5 cops in an squad-SUV. He chucked his stash out into the snow and he was all "PAT ME DOWN NOW ASSHOLES!" sweet.

The next morning Reagan and I went out to get breakfast because Kelli and Michelle are superhuman and don't eat anything. We found this cute little kosher bagel shop and I got a really awesome omlette...omnomnom!

Later on we decided to go romp in the snow. I, of course, was all decked out in my Batman gear from Target and my mom's snow shtuffs. No, I'm not that fat, it is just EXTREMELY poofy *frump*. We went to this little bunny slope and screwed around a bit in the snow, totally pummelling each other with snowballs and ice.

The snow was fun, but we had plenty of fun indoors as well, what with playing Battlefront (which I ROYALLY suck at), watching spaghetti westerns and running around the house being absolute idiots

Image Commentary : Michelle in her Mandalorian helmet, Reagan out on the balcony with the helmet and a broom, Me and Reagan having a pillow fight/struggle on the couch which ended up with me getting thrown off the couch and Kelli pouring water on us, me wearing Michelle's spiderman beanie and Reagan's boots feeling "pretty", Reagan in Kelli's snowboard jacket hood, Michelle and Reagan in the Gondola...hilarity ensues, Michelle is strong like bull!

Kelli had dared Reagan to go out in the snow in a speedo and Michelle's Mandalorian helmet, so we decided to . get him all decked out for the occasion

Image Commentary: I'm drawing a stick-Uncle-Sam on his back, on his chest it says "Support Our Troops" and "God Bless America" down his thigh. Reagan at Starbucks and me ordering and a really cool shot of Reagan looking regal (this was after we had come back though..he was warming up).

*edit* Dude, I just realized that Reagan's coffee cup says "small treasures". That is so Freudian =D We went to starbucks to show off our nude Mandalorian and got some shocked looks, some "HO-LY CRAP"'s , some points, gawks and stares...and a "I don't know if I can allow this in my store this early in the morning HI HOW CAN I HELP YOU" from the Starbucks clerk. It....rocked XD

We took him up the mountain on the gondola

Omg fangirls! and took him past this little kids ski class, sent him down the hill on a snow disc in the helmet and videotaped it. As soon as we get it uploaded we will have the "running of the Reagan" available to view...its priceless *giggles*. One guy even called security, but the other ski instructor didn't seem to worry about it. Reagan totally beefed it on the fence though. JEW-ED!

He got a pretty bad scrape on his arm and was gooshing blood and guts all over the place on the way down.

Now, while Reagan bearing his ass on the wild slopes of Mammoth was a highlight of the trip, one can't forget the three headed fembeast that is Nichelli

Image Commentary : Kelli wants you to sit on her face, Kelli making out with a snowball, me and my prized snow-vagina that I drew on the window, Michelle and I lez it up in bed.

And of course we had our share of hardcore nudity

Image Commentary: It was late...and I was tired...and wanted to flash something...with the flash on, Reagan sports his hawt chonies in his flasher coat, closeup of the secret message buried in Reagan's chest nest, Reagan bears all, me struggling to close the blinds after taking a shower and Kelli taking advantage of the photo op.

The drive home was wonderful and filled with beautiful sights, mountains, and we got to see one of the places GATTACA was filmed. We drove through the desert that is Victorville and amongst the joshua trees and cacti was....snow??? Wtf? All the locals seemed confused and were wearing shorts while looking bewildered. Kelli and I had a brief snowball fight when we stopped there for gas. How bizarre is that anyways? We got lots of pics which I'll upload later. Then, come to find out, while we went to Mammoth to go see the snow, the snow came to us, because not only did it snow in Victorville, but Murrieta as well! Now...where I live is a dried up boring ashtray of a landmass. Thinking that there might possibly be snow there is ridiculous, yet look at this!!!

Dad took the photo while I was away. I wish I could have seen it, there's still a little bit of snow on the hills around here and some slush on the freeway but damn..that is bizarre. Oh, also, my TV got hit by lightening while I was gone so dad had to get a new one. Why do all the cool things happen when I'm away? *frump*

All in all though, it was an excellent time. Definitely something I'll want to do again =) I'll be sure to have some video, more pictures, and artwork uploaded here soon for you guys to see. Thanks again Michelle!
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