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is it me or are commercials less inventive these days?

I just saw a sperm swimming across my television screen for 2 minutes and it was a commercial for insurance =P
what is up with that anyhow?

Right now im talking to StarFinder trying to come up with a name for her *comic in the works*.
These are what i came up with so far...mostly based on the description of the comic she gave me and also based on the convo we had in between names. as i told her "being corny is part of the thought process"
Obedience School
Disobedience School
Twisted "Tails"
Bored of Education
Gettin' Fresh
Under Dogs
Public Puberty
Pubic Education
Student Body Parts
Spaz with Style
Beware of Freshmen
Cliche's and Shit
Skewl iz Fuhn
Don't Feed the Freshmen
Freshmen with Firecrackers
Bondage and Biology

still nothing yet. we cant seem to come up with anything catchy enough.
i still like my *muttropolis* =) but thats just me.
COPYRIGHT ME COPYRIGHT ME COPYRIGHT ME! yep....*cough*copyright me*cough*
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