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Hey there just wanna give people the run down on what to expect from me at the con. I haven't finished my conbadge yet but I'll post it once I do so you can know what to look for.

Other than that, I'm really short (4'11"), petite in frame (ie: dont have big chest/belly but am not as thin as a rail either) and if I do bring a backpack it will probably be my (faded and crappily drawn!) black and white checkered one that has "SKA", Mighty Mouse and sun/moon patches on it OR! I will bring my grey husky novelty backpack to be cutesie

This is my first con (aside from CF03 which was small and lame) so be gentle! ;D

Klandagi did something like this in her journal so I might as well do it in mine. I'm not horribly strict like "Omg dont stand on my lefthand side if three Chinese guys are facing the north wall and its lunch time on the 2nd day of the con" or something, but its just for reference to avoid awkwardness and misunderstanding.

Things you must know about how I handle social gatherings:

-I answer to "Thorn" just as I would respond to my given name "Nicole", so you can call me either. My mom and friends calls me Thorn so I'm used to it. "Niko" is also an option as its my RL nick name. I'll have badges for both Thorn and Niko.

-I don't mind being hugged as long as I've obviously talked to you and we've conversed either through LJ or other means in the past (and this is not including like you writing a "me too!" comment to one of my entries ;P Strange skunk men coming up to me without me having a clue who they are = uncool. People going "Hey Thornwolf I'm so and so good to see you! *hug*" is fine. =D My boyfriends from New York so I'm used to "friendly contact" greetings by now. (didnt used to be...culture shock!)Be informed though, just because I'm huggy doesnt mean gearpony fact she's not all with strangers, but shes nice just the same.

-Introductions are a must. I'm more familiar with aliases then RL names so bare with me if you introduce yourself and I go "....whu?" Thank god for conbadges!

-I don't like my hair played with. I find it makes me greasier than I'd like to be *ew* Some girls feel this to be totally acceptable as a form of bonding..I dont.

-I have a personal space bubble. When I'm talking to you I prefer to be a good distance apart so that I may see a good portion of your body and I can speak loudly. If its too loud to hear I'll move in closer.

-I'm somewhat self concious of my height, and while I can joke about it to a degree (like, when people use me as an arm rest, tee hee), please don't go "Wow, you're short! Hey shorty McShortShort you're short!" Its just as annoying as when tall people always hear "wow, youre tall". No shit.

-I am TOTALLY approachable, so please don't be too scared to talk to me. I like meeting new people. I'm not a bitch, I just play one on TV ;D

-I enjoy hugging fursuiters and people with large sweatshirts. I dunno, call it a childhood quirk but I like the way it feels. So if youre a fursuiter and you don't like being hugged/photographed (for god knows what reason), stay the hell away from me. ;D

-I'm going to want to do a LOT of walking around at this convention so I'm going to be on the go quite a bit, but if you see me sitting down somewhere, come ask me for a sketch if I'm not already swamped. If I dont feel like doing it I'll say "not right now, please catch me later?" but please don't take this as a formal appointment. If you ask and I say yes, cool, if you ask and I say no, please understand, but yes I will be accepting *hestitantly* sketchbook drawings for $10-15. I don't carry much change so please make sure you have a 10-spot handy. I accept checks (as long as they dont go "boing!").

-I'm kind of skittish when I'm out of my element so if I dont know ANYONE I may be totally quiet until I can chime in with a comment, but please don't take my silence as an insult. I'm an observer.

-I will be with gearpony most of the time as I dont see us parting much since this is both of our first cons (and shes my pack-mule and I'm her she-wolf bitch, haw!), but you may see me close to westly or ruggels. Like I said though, I'm going to want to walk around quite a bit so I may part ways rather sporatically. I'm kind of a lone wolf and dont like to travel in large groups as I feel it slows me down and I want to see as much of the con as possible. Its not personal ;)

-I don't have any issues with crowds unless there are a LOT of people wanting my attention or its extremely hot in the room. If its hot, chances are I will be cranky, but realize its not directed at you. Like I said, I go to NY a lot so I'm used to crowds, just not keen on "heat and stink". =P I also dont like feeling my attention has to go to several thousand places at once, hence why I prefer small groups.

All in all, come up and talk to me, I'm hoping to meet lots of people at this con and get some sketches from other people so...yeah ;D

I may ask for some sketch trades from people *several of you know who you are already*, but this doesnt mean I'll trade with everyone, because, quite honestly I wouldn't mind making a little lunch money while I'm there in the way of commission sketches, hee hee.

I'll post my conbadge when its done, along with the other half of GutterHorse's badge.
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