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im tired of this

it may seem that i am being harsh, but im not. you dont know Rico. hes one of those "im a pimp, you better love me, and im gonna sweet talk my way out of everything and i dont have to do any work" kinda guys. hes pushed me too far. i tried to help him so much, and he keeps just being dumb. this is why im not in customer service.

we have this Econ project to do, theres me, 2 other people and Rico. we had many group discussions about what we were gonna do, Rico contributed to none of them, yet he has the nerve to come up to me and ask "what am i supposed to do?" like a good group member, i explain it to him regardless...but he still does nothing. so finally i just gave up.

he came up to me in english today, the project is due tomorrow. he goes "so, are we doing the project or what? what am i supposed to do again?" this is where i just lost it. i said "you havent started already??!" "no, i was absent yesterday" "that doesnt mean a thing!"
"so then tell me what im supposed to do"
"why not?"
"ive had it up to HERE with you slacking off and expecting me to do everything for you. ive explained the project, not once, not twice, but 6 TIMES in EXCRUCIATING detail! you havent done jack this whole time and im not gonna help you out now. if you have any questions, maybe the other group members will let you mooch off of them. im not letting you drag my grade down just cuz you think your social life is more important. better yet, ask mr. ochner. hes already prepared to fail you for this project if you dont do your part, and frankly i dont care."
Rico then answered "you didnt explain it to me! you didnt call me! its your fault i didnt know what to do i mean hey im trying but you guys arent giving me the info."
"oh really? i find that funny because WE all met IN CLASS and talked it through. you sat there and did NOTHING. i even asked you if you had anything to contribute you just shrugged! YOU have MY number. you could have called ME"
he goes "well, innitiating is not my strong point."
i said "yeah i see that, but if you dont MAKE it your strong point youre gonna get an F and its not going to be my responsibility. i even made sure you had to do the lease amount of work in the whole group. why? because i felt like giving you chance after chance after chance. you blew it with me already. im not helping you anymore."
"well im hurt not to mention shocked! *gasp* you dont believe ill do the project! *gasp* is that what youre saying? Nicole...thats so sad!"
"Rico, save it. i dont like the 'nice nice' attitude when im being dead serious. in fact, im doing a back up of your half because i dont trust you."
with that he left swearing he was gonna do it...
my english teacher heard the whole thing and shes like "WOO HOO! GO NIKKI! Rico is ALWAYS slacking off, its great to hear that someone finally stood up to him! great job! you go girl! stick it to the man!" lol whatever that means ;) shes a cool teacher.
later he came up to me in Econ and asked..once again "so tell me what im doing" but this time he had a piece of paper, which he wrote NOTHING ON the whole time i was talking.
i told him i dont like being in charge of people and that he needs to do things for himself.
i told him "okay..heres what you have to do. get some posterboard. with me so far? now print out pictures of Cars, a cactus, California, Texas, anything road trip related and glue it onto the poster board. thats it. thats all. can you handle that?"
he goes ""
"hear me out! what EXACTLY does it have to have on it"
"what did i just say?"
"figure it out and call me when youre done."
"look see? i have your number!"
"good. use it"

*rolls eyes* i am SOOOO SICK AND TIRED of doing all the work for people when they do nothing and expect to cling onto whatever work i did and get credit. this happens a lot and this year im not standing for it. Rico just pushed me over the edge.
dont get me wrong, hes a very nice, sweet guy, but hes VERY manipulative and im very business like when it comes to my grades this year. i want to be able to keep my car =P

Talking to XianJaguar, shes helping me keep sane for now....and i did say, *for now*. i think as soon as i get offline im gonna go crazy again.

Tav has biweekly night and wont be home for awhile.
while watching hamtaro i got a brilliant idea of drawing dante and niko as hamsters. ill do that on some later date =P

speaking of small rodents...QUESTION FOR DESERT COYOTE (JC)
are gerbils legal or illegal in arizona? Tavis and i want to get some of our own. theyre so cute! if theyre legal we were thinking of picking some out when we went to havasu. they ARE desert animals in the wild, i cant see why they wouldnt have them at a local petshop *if i can find a petshop in havasu*

okay, gonna talk to Xian now and download some more music
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