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Back from FC safe and sound, and I will do a real con update later, but I wanted to ask a favor.

Looks like Tavis and I are going to try to be at AnthroCon this year as its in Summer, I wont have school and he's never been to a con and its only 2 hours away from his house. I really want to try to sell some art but I heard that the dealers tables are already booked.

Is there anyone out there who is going who wouldn't mind sharing a table with me and my pathetic print book? I'd pay my share of the table cost of course, I just would like some place to park my kiester and maybe make some lunch money doing conbadges, sketchbooks and the like. Please let me know, as going this year is looking pretty damn good and I've been bitten by the con bug (and no I'm not talking about xianjaguar's adorable roaches ;D )

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