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FC was a blast! We drove up Thursday and made excellent time and actually went directly to the hotel, but found out registration was at 5, so we went to westly's and went to lunch at this awesome burger place, did laundry, then went back to the con where we hung out and watched people set up. Got to talk with dingybatty and her boyfriend kliefox a bit as well as goldenwolfen and ljmitty who explained to me why northwolf's art wasnt in the show (teh sad =( )

We slept at Wes and his husband crocuta's house and then went to the con the next day around noonish. I dont quite remember what happened that day but I do know that we got to hook up with panth and kigeni at some point and hung out with them most of the time. (2 of the cutest most normal guys there, hanging out with us losers? Unheard of!)
We also had a big ol' dinner chit chat group with tengukun, klandagi, panth, kigeni, gearpony, jill0r and mythos_amante who brought over shatterstripes briefly to meet us all.

The next day was pretty much spent just hanging around and once again, I don't quite remember all that happened but I do know that that was the day that ruggels finally showed up, so we hung out with him for a bit and then broke off to go check out the con. I think he scared the shit outta panth though, a tee hee ;D

kenket also had her "squished furries" sketchbook which I drew in and she gave me 2 free prints in return! <3 <3 <3 Thanks so much! =D

xianjaguar brought her roaches which were hella awesome and me, gearpony, panth, and kigeni got to play with them in the hallway in the hotel. Teh sweetness!

There was also a rave, which of course I didn't dance in because I'm a clumsy tool, but I had an excellent time chitchatting with people and watching bastek and kigeni dance with their awesome awesomeness.

I commissioned dingybatty for a conbadge for crocuta because he didn't have one. You did a wonderful job, thanks so much! Sorry if I added to your stress =(
Speaking of commissions I also commissioned reiji for a custom magnet. Her and likeshine are so freakin' sweet! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for letting me loiter by your table, hope I didn't hurt business.

I also commissioned kyoht for a conbadge, which I will be scanning for her later along with the other sketches I received at the con. Thanks to all of you who drew in my book! If you could, could you please scan the drawings I did for you and send them to thank you =)

I got to meet timberwolf4u finally, (he is an absolute doll, you are so sweet Timber!!) and he let me draw his wolf Bodie. As a thank you I drew him a piccy. *beam*

westly, panth, gearpony and I also got to go out to sushi, and of course panth and I were totally macking on each others plates because this had to be some of the best sushi I've had since I was last in Staten Island which was awhile ago. We also traded westly for some of his shrimp tempura OMNOMNOMNOM! SUSHI ADDICT!

ruggels also introduced me to iisaw who was pleasant as can be and he and his friend looked through my stoopid sketchybook of doom and silliness (which ended up being nothing but Sarge drawings d'oh!). I actually had all my sketchbooks from the year with me but no one wanted to look at them so I left them in the car =P No sense carting them around, bleh!

kigeni, gearpony, panth and I all went out to a late late snackypoo after the rave at Denny's where we talked about god knows what cuz I was exhausted and focused on my chicken strips, but it was fun and I smiled, so thats all that matters XD

gearpony and I headed home Sunday stricken with con crud after going to one last lunch with panth at Denny's and finally made it to the 5 only to find that there was a 4-6 hour like..9 something at night, so we took the 58 in hopes of finding the 101. Couple hours later we were stuck in San Luis Obispo near the Cal Poly area and decided to hunker down for the evening, since gearpony was blue in the face from cold and fever and I wasn't feelign so hot myself, but definitely not as bad as poor asshead. So we stayed at the La Cuesta where her brother's friend works and got a discount. Yayez! We headed out at noon the next day, got some bagels at the local bagel shop and I must say, I am ABSOLUTELY smitten by that little college town in SLO. It makes me so happy to just be there I think I may want to go back very very very soon just to hang out and look at all the nifty things. And a mission!!! THEY HAVE A MISSION! *dies* <3

On the way home we saw that giant mudslide that shut down the 101 in Ventura a couple of days ago. I tell ya, after seeing that I now have a better idea of what could have possibly gone through the minds of the people living under that because damn, I don't know how /anyone/ made it out alive ;_; Considering that area has had a history of landslides for over 300 years and had one in 1995 recently and surveyer after surveyer after surveyer has said "dont build houses/roads here its bad!" I cant believe its still populated. I hope after this they move the neighborhood. I mean the Sheriff and CHP were STILL sifting through the rubble with cadaver dogs looking for bodies! ;_; awful, just awful, but admittedly it was very interesting to see and now I have a story to tell in Geology class come tomorrow.

I managed to do some con-related doodles in the car while gearpony drove, so I will be uploading those shortly.

We arrived home safely and admittedly I'm a bit lonely for everyone I met. I wish I could take you all home with me, but I would definitely like to see you all again sometime in the near future, especially those who are reasonably local =) Post-Con depression? Maybe a little, but I still have my sketches and memories *beam*

I had such an excellent time! Thank you so much to everyone I met! Shout outs to:
panth,kyoht,goldenwolfen,kenket,kigeni,bastek,tengukun,digitalis,mythos_amante,gre7g,ljmitty,gatcat,xianjaguar,klandagi,eriden,westly,crocuta,likeshine,reiji,justblieve,neoweredog,kcravenyote,starfinderxhaskiwolf,timberwolf4u,sidsilverhawke,cody_frost,spunkywulf,dark_natasha, dingybatty,kliefox,dustmeat,explodingmikan,selasphorus,kilojara,mharpold,phar,iisaw, electricgeckoand anyone else I may have accidentally forgotten to mention, sorry there was just so many of you awesome people to meet and talk with!
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