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More Sketches

First, something for calicougar because she was sick con weekend and I didn't get to meet her. Teh sad! Feel better kitty.

As some of you may or may not know, I am currently grounded from large art projects (and sketching as well) because I must focus on my math as I have failed 2 math courses in my college career. This means I have to get my kicks anywhere I can. *fizzle*! ( I did the rest of these on my lunch break/before class started in case you were wondering, and no I dont really want to talk about it )

Panth gets a hissing roach shoved in his face, Thorn and XianJaguar lez it up in bed (omg shes giving me the gay!), Gutter's real rabbit fur coat is admired by all, a grinny Klandagi and Tessa's creepy costume.

Sketches of Tav's character Engel:


Rave antics with Kigs and Thorn, mangy angry Thorn, random eyeball, angry panth kitty, stupid drooling Thorn and my stinky sweaty feet from being a house-hopping wolf all weekend.

Sketches of Tav's character Engel:

'sall for now. Moo.
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