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H'ok, so...

I'd like to take this as an opportunity to make a public service announcement:

If you didn't hear it from me, and there's no indication of me telling you something DIRECTLY, don't believe it for a minute. When in doubt, come ask me cuz yanno, I'm not as evil as people often make me out to be.

I'm getting rather sick and tired of people claiming I said or did something without any actual evidence other than the word of people who I've never talked to.

My life is not a tabloid for your amusement. I am not some movie star with a dirty secret the media is trying to get at, in fact quite the opposite. I'm a fairly open person when asked, so seriously, if something you hear I did or said sounds even somewhat out of character for me, please come and ask me. My e-mail is and you'll find I'll easily tell you what's /really/ going on.

If you have an issue with coming to me on an issue that concerns me, well then thats your problem, not mine, now isnt it?

Thank you.

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