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bad day

well, today was bad.
it downright sucked as soon as i got to school. the good parts were, going out to lunch with liz, talking with Xian, Melissa and Tav, then later talking with mom.

heres a list of the bad things *which i can overlook*

the Rico problem
Computer crashing SEVERAL times
not finishing the chores mom gave me
was rude to Tav *sorry*
found out Cec died *sighs...didnt know him well but still feel bad for the loss. he will be missed*
neglected to take Tiff to work cuz i was working on my project
cell phone didnt work when Tiff tried to call..not to mention when tav and mom called *kicks it* ARGH!
mom forbade me to watch southpark in my house
oh...that goes for silence of the lambs and anything "evil" too
mom said im evil
moms husband is moving in TOMORROW
i havent packed to go to dads house
tav had biweekly and wont be calling for awhile

well...the good parts cheered me up.
thank you Xian for chatting with me and sending me that comic. that really helped a lot. looking forward to more of that explanation on revelation
Tav, will talk to you when you call me. miss you, love you *kiss*
Mel, things will work out in the end. dont worry so much. the only drama there is is the drama you cause for yourself. take it from me. im a drama queen =P *rolls eyes*
JC (desert coyote) you need a hug *hug* well get together next time im in havasu.

im gonna go to bed now. im gonna say goodnight to CW and wait for Tav to get home.
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