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Art - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Some random Thorn hedz and a randumb wolf. Poot!

Current Mood: artistic artistic

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iolarnula From: iolarnula Date: February 11th, 2005 06:40 am (UTC) (Link)
I think the "Heh heh heh"-ing one looks the best out of them all :p So ebil.
From: jadewolf926 Date: February 11th, 2005 07:10 am (UTC) (Link)
I really like the "heh heh heh" face. You really captured one of my favorite wolf expressions.
ruggels From: ruggels Date: February 11th, 2005 07:17 am (UTC) (Link)
This stuff looks great! Really well done. God mood, solid volumes.

_graywolf_ From: _graywolf_ Date: February 11th, 2005 08:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Eee! the one with the smirk is so cute!
wolflahti From: wolflahti Date: February 11th, 2005 03:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nobody -but nobody- does wuff expressions (and expressions in general) better than our Thornwolf :)
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: February 11th, 2005 04:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
<3 =)
(Deleted comment)
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: February 11th, 2005 10:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: *uses a snarly icon just cuz* woo!

somehow I knew you'd like that one the best XD
From: haskiwolf Date: February 12th, 2005 12:23 am (UTC) (Link)
I like the "heh heh heh" one.. cuuuute
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