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Hokay. I have an idea. I'm sick today and I'm feeling particularly blunt/honest (yanno, pain does that to ya) so here's something to do.

If you would like me to give you an honest one to two sentence criticizing statement about your art/style/gallery what have you, please comment and provide me a link to said gallery. I will then tell you what the biggest issue I think you need work on without doing a long drawn out critique.

Ive begun to realize that you can critique people's individual drawings all you want but if they don't understand what they're doing wrong in the first place they'll just keep making the same mistakes. So here's your chance to get my honest opinion.

And please, I'm not going to be mean, I'm just going to tell you like it is. I'm not gonna go "OMG YOU SUCK LOLOLOLOLOL" cuz dude, thats not constructive. I'll say something like...okay for my own art style "You should really try to incorperate more backgrounds into your drawings and do more full body poses. A lot of what you have are just head shot sketches".

So yeah, post away.

(secretly knows no ones going to post) .... >=) Yeah thats me daring you.

EDIT *waves hands* okay okay! I think I'm done accepting new ones, you guys sure made me eat my words as far as saying no one would post! Looks like I have strangers coming outta the woodwork here, but seems that I've got my hands full. Sorry I kind of dropped off the face of the earth yesterday, I took a long hot bath and went to sleep at like..7:00. (its 1 AM I can't sleep ;P )I'm still sick too so I'll get to the remaining few then I'm gonna go pass out for the rest of the day tomorrow.

Thanks all so much for letting me do this and also being very mature about it, its so refreshing to actually be /appreciated/ for trying to help for once, this has been seriously fun and interesting =D Love the art guys, love the art.
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