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gotta love mondays - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
gotta love mondays
i lost my voice from the roller coasters yesterday at Knott's Berry farm...well at least thats the story im giving my teachers. decided to stay home today. got a lot to do.
heres just a glimpse of all i have to do today:

Finish essay and go to school to print it out and turn it in
get money orders from 7-11 *theres 2 of em*
mail the money orders
make gray wolf prints
get 2 necklace sized bubble envelopes
ship prints and necklaces
make pardo prints *IF I HAVE THE MONEY* thats the only thing thats keeping me from doing it right now *pardo, may i make some prints to sell on furbid? you get credit since its your char but you dont have to say yes...i just really love the pic*
set up e-bay auctions *i bought some stuff to sell...a red panda plush and a plushie wolf keychain...i wanted to sell them on e-bay so i can test out how to do it*
straighten up the house
work more on my commissions *almost done with michele's*

*whew* yeah.

also, moms new husband just moved here from boston *goodbye privacy* its a long story but yeah, hes here now. i havent seen him yet. lucky for me we just keep missing each other.
they havent asked to use my car yet. im gonna say no. i dont like when mom uses my car...she always MESSES up something. and i have things i need to do *points to above* that doesnt mean i wont DRIVE them places, i have no problem doing that. he has moms car today though. he got his CA liscence today so that should take care of that problem =D

hes a nice guy..really he is. good cook, cept i dont like his boston cooking *noodle salad and beans...EW!!! theres a big hunk of pork in it!! YUCK!!* i got sick =P
but we have some salmon so thats good. *yum*
okay well i just finished my essay. i gotta go get ready to go

will fill ya in on my weekend later. LJ ATE my last post. mainly cuz my comp kicked me off. =P idle time my butt!
anyhoo....love yous guys!
watchin clerks cartoons and listening to alice in chains...snoogans

Current Mood: busy busy
Current Music: Down In A Hole - Alice In Chains (RIP =*( )

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