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Didn't expect such a turnout!

Anyways there's been something I'm noticing with a lot of your submissions is that people seem to be having a hard time drawing human faces and I kept referencing the formula for drawing a human head, but didn't have any links to back it up.

So I've saved you the trouble of googling and I found a great tutorial site that, while the artist themself has a lot of flaws, the formula is the same as what I was talking about. I'm going to link their main tutorial page for your enjoyment but the one I'm referring to is the human head one:

Here's also a link for some good articles that describe this formula a bit more in detail. There are also some links on how to draw childrens faces, eyes, hands and the formula for the human body as well:

They also have a link which I found very important for everyone to read which would be 10 mistakes beginners make when drawing:

(there are also some very helpful links embedded in the article and also at the end...MUST SEE)

Then there's always with their links section for some models as well as works of the old masters:
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