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sorta productive. STUPID SCHOOL - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
sorta productive. STUPID SCHOOL
i finished my essay and went to school to print it out. i e-mailed it to myself so i could access it on AOL anywhere from school. over the past 2 days or so, my school decided to BLOCK aol.com so i cant access it! they dont want people checking their mail or whatever =P so that was a no go. i went to my teachers class to talk to her about it, and she wasnt there! *shrugs* great

i mailed my 2 money orders, got a violet crumble to munch on, checked the mail, got a necklace package and got 2 gray wolf prints. i wasnt able to get pardo's prints because the bank KEPT my money order i went to cash because apparently i was overdrawn like a dollar or something =P wenches. i hate the way banks work, and the customer service at wells fargo is horrible.
yeah so i only had 25 bucks to get all my stuff done and i nearly spent all of it doing all that junk. =P blah

ah well, at least moms husband mike is making teriyaki salmon *at my suggestion*

i think im gonna go edit some pics in photoshop, try to get pardo's commission up on cafepress like i promised AWHILE ago. poor kitty, hate keeping him waiting. im gonna go ahead and put it on a lot of items. pardo, can you specify what exactly you wanted again? it would help a bunch ;)

i also looked up some halloween themed treats for my upcoming halloween party. do any of you guys have suggestions for a halloween themed main course?

i cant wait till tav gets home, hes been so cute and sweet lately! *well..hes ALWAYS cute and sweet but...well...yeah =) *
and he makes me really really happy. *huggles her wuffy boy!*
*smooches to her lover*

okie, well im gonna go now.

Current Mood: drained drained
Current Music: Go Your Own Way - Seaweed *clerks soundtrack*

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reddogyote From: reddogyote Date: September 30th, 2002 10:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hmmm. A Halloween themed main course. I just read an article in a magazine about it and I wish I could remember it now. All I can think of off hand is boiling hot dogs and cutting them into thin finger like shapes and dumping ketchup on them so they look like bloody fingers. Bwahaha.
Or making a cassarole and bake it with spaghetti noodles in it for "worms".
I wish I could think of more..But I hope what I said gives you some ideas. :)
princessalanna From: princessalanna Date: September 30th, 2002 10:34 pm (UTC) (Link)

Not quite a main course but...

Well, it's not a main course - but try this... brain balls! :-) Make up a batch of rice krispie treats... add food coloring to the marshmallows if you want, for funky effects.

However, and you DO have to be careful with this part. instead of putting the whole thing in a pan, after you've added the krispies, let it cool a tiny bit to the point that it won't burn you when you touch it. Spread out a sheet of waxed paper to put your brains on. (wow that sounded wierd...) Butter your hands really well,(not caked on, but covered so that the marshmallow won't stick) and grab a small handfull of krispie mix. Roll it around into a ball, and then set it on the waxed paper. If you get too much butter in the mix, it won't hold together, and will end up looking like the brain went splat (hey, couple of those might not be bad *tee hee hee*) Be paitent, because the edges of the mix will cool faster than the middle, and if you get too carried away, you'll burn yourself before you realize it... (not fun, esp. with the butter on your hands, that makes it worse)

Pretty soon, you'll get the hang of it, and have a great stack of mini-sized brains to pass out. Great finger food, though the butter makes a little bit of a hard shell to dig into... great krispie underneath though! :-)


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