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sorta productive. STUPID SCHOOL

i finished my essay and went to school to print it out. i e-mailed it to myself so i could access it on AOL anywhere from school. over the past 2 days or so, my school decided to BLOCK so i cant access it! they dont want people checking their mail or whatever =P so that was a no go. i went to my teachers class to talk to her about it, and she wasnt there! *shrugs* great

i mailed my 2 money orders, got a violet crumble to munch on, checked the mail, got a necklace package and got 2 gray wolf prints. i wasnt able to get pardo's prints because the bank KEPT my money order i went to cash because apparently i was overdrawn like a dollar or something =P wenches. i hate the way banks work, and the customer service at wells fargo is horrible.
yeah so i only had 25 bucks to get all my stuff done and i nearly spent all of it doing all that junk. =P blah

ah well, at least moms husband mike is making teriyaki salmon *at my suggestion*

i think im gonna go edit some pics in photoshop, try to get pardo's commission up on cafepress like i promised AWHILE ago. poor kitty, hate keeping him waiting. im gonna go ahead and put it on a lot of items. pardo, can you specify what exactly you wanted again? it would help a bunch ;)

i also looked up some halloween themed treats for my upcoming halloween party. do any of you guys have suggestions for a halloween themed main course?

i cant wait till tav gets home, hes been so cute and sweet lately! *well..hes ALWAYS cute and sweet but...well...yeah =) *
and he makes me really really happy. *huggles her wuffy boy!*
*smooches to her lover*

okie, well im gonna go now.
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