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Bambi - By request

So Thorn, what did you think of the Bambi DVD?

I haven't seen this movie in years and now I'm beginning to see why.

The DVD promised to "digitally remaster" the original, and to me that means making it clearer and more crisp. While overall things were pretty nice looking, there were some scenes that were still scratched up or blurry that made me go "wtf? I could do this in photoshop frame by frame, it would be so simple, why didn't they fix this?" One such annoyance was the color levels of the "black". The pupil of Bambi's mother's eyes went from black to forest green on several occasions. This, to me, looks like a result of fading rather than a poor color job, but then again, what do I know about animation? Even if it was changing the original in some way, they should have fixed this.

They did, however, fix the scenes where animals would disappear for no apparent reason, such as the fire scene where the mother raccoon is licking the baby raccoon and it suddenly disappears. I always liked that part though, because it looked as if she licked the baby so hard it dissolved and she ate it.

Also, to elaborate on the whole "cartoon deer have a lot of sex" thing, I was just musing on the fact that there were quite a few baby deer in this movie. Those deer were getting busy, especially Bambi who somehow fathered twins. Unf unf unf unf.

I gotta ask, I know nothing about deer society, I thought they lived in herds and there was a lead male figure. And do they really stand on a mountaintop looking all regal when their babies are being born? And the way Bambi's mother related to his father you woulda thought they had never met ;P

"Mom, he stopped and looked at me"
"I know."

Wtf? Wouldn't it be more like

"Mom, wot fo' he be starin' at me like he noesss me?"
"Cuz he's mah babeh's daddeh!"

For that matter, did anyone ever before realize that Bambi is speaking in Ebonics/Southern Speak for half the movie? Please forgive me for touching on a potentially sensitive issue, but goddamn..."mawmaw" "wot" and "gunna" showed up in his dialogue way more than I would have liked.

Speaking of parents and baby's daddies and all that, whats it with Disney always creating these "single parent" situations? Goofy, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, all revolve around the fact that one of the parents ain't there for whatever reason. Does Disney promote divorce??!!!

Speaking of single parent situations *cough*deadparents!*cough* I never before realized how badly TLK ripped off the beginning of Bambi?

"Hey, we're all animals, lets all scurry and meet the new royal figure who is born...TODAY! OMG! *scurry*"


Am I the only one who finds this kind of ridiculous?

Oh and Flower is SOOOOOOOO GAY! I tried so so so so so hard to see him as a heterosexual skunk but it was impossible. Sorry. I failed.

EDIT: ruggels asked that I add the following comments I made elsewhere to the main content of this entry:

Yeah I didn't get a real definite gender on that other skunk. ;D

Thumper's girlfriend looked like a whore though *pardon my bluntness* but jeeze look at all the makeup she was wearing!

..and this is why we look down upon cosmetic testing on animals. ;_;

Aw damn I forgot to mention the whole deer rape thing.

That evil deer was totally going to rape Faline. First he was all

"I'll stick you!" to Bambi, then Faline protested and he's all

"Git back bitch before I shank you!...and then have my way with you"

And she was all "oh noez!" and then Bambi was all "I keel you esse!"

I thought Disney was all about the happy loving families despite the species natural tendencies instead of the whole "rape them then leave" thing. *shrugs* ;)

On a good note though, there is a special bonus DVD that shows the making of Bambi and all the cool artsy goodies as well as a preview to the midquel movie so I'm looking forward to watching that ( I haven't yet. Sorry, I felt if I watched anymore deer movies I'd develop a craving for venison, and its not good to eat too late at night. )

So, if you like talking baby animals, then yeah, buy the DVD. I'm sure the second DVD is worth it.
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