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Massive art dump and a question

Normally my first inclination is to not cut my images. The way I see it, if you friend this journal you should know by now that I don't cut any of my images so if you're on a slow connection, you can just watch my journal by cruising on over here at your liesure if you don't want me to spam your friends page. But I was wondering if the MAJORITY of you would like me to start cutting them?

I'll leave at least one uncut, but for massive dumps like this?

On to the art:

The three amigos. Sorry resilientspider I didn't have a ref of your char or remember the markings. Spoot.

The rest is under the cut,

Was feeling a bit down and felt the need to draw this. He always makes me happy. <3

Doodled these in the car, just some random Sarge poses

My history teacher has an awesome body type. He's an ex marine and has a really great attitude, which you can see just from his poses. He has roughly the same body type I want for Sarge, hence so many drawings of him. No, I do not have a crush on him, its possible to like someone's body for artistic value without being attracted to them. Plus, he reminds me a little too much of my ex boyfriend *yike*

For Tuskface (again, no reference. Sorry! ;_;) Oh, and the wordbubble is from our dinner the other night. Some guy in the sushi restaurant was talking about his hospital experience and that was the only word we heard really fucking loud.

The following were drawn without reference (dangit!), but are available to purchase at best offer, please comment if you're interested!

I need to get better at drawing.
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