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got this from RedDogYote...i know i do a lot of them but theyre fun Thornwolf
002.d.o.b.: 05/14/85
003.location: San Diego, CA
004.religion: Open minded Christian *its not an oxymoron, shut up*
005.occupation: HS Student, artist, sales, advertising

002.eyes: light blue/green
003.height: 4'11"
004. do you like the way you look: im not drop dead gorgeous but at least i get the guys, one guy in particular =) *kisses Tavis*

STYLE relaxed, but unique. i always wear birkenstocks or converse ska, punk, 80's pop, alternative
003.make up: simple, eyeliner, eyeshadow, little lip color though i think i should go back to my former makeup style
004.bodyart: nothing i dont draw on myself....*bugs tiff for her henna*

001.wearing: Blue art with heart t-shirt *that /i/ designed*,light jeans,tav's ring on a chain around my neck, ball chain necklace, 2 entwined bracelets...sorta punk style i guess? i dunno i always wear em.
002.listening to: Save a Prayer- Duran Duran, though it may change by the end of this survey
003.thinking of: ways to sell things and what to sell. also how im gonna finish my Muttropolis logo
004.where are you?: livingroom
005.who are you with?: moms hubby is around here somewhere
001.bought: envelopes/prints
002.ate & drank: violet crumble starting an e-bay business for dummies *thats me*
004.watched on tv: Dora the Explorer. i hate weekdays
005.said: Sure.
EITHER / OR or houseparty: None
002.tea or coffee: both, but i drink coffee more
003.achiever or slacker: tenacious tenacity can only last for so long or cider: apple cider =P
005.drinks or shots: something fruity
006.cats or dogs: Dogs
007.single or taken: taken *yeah baby*
008.pen or pencil: pen
009.gloves or mittens: gloves but i like the 'paw' effect mittens give =)
011.cassette or cd: CD..cassette?! you might as well just say 8 track or vinyl!
012.coke or pepsi: pepsi, it doesnt kill the rainforest
013.hard or mild alcohol: Mild
014.matches or a lighter: Matches smell good..but i tend to burn things down with them. lighters are fun, especially my nightmare before christmas lighter
015.sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: are we talking about soaps? ew. soap is for washing not for watching
016.Rickie lake or oprah winfrey: niether, i like Jerry =D *hick*

001.kill: no one. i like to make people suffer.
002.hear from: anyone. im lonely
003.get really wasted with: LOL!! all my friends including Tav. you cant tell me that wouldntbe fun guys....guys? whered you go?
004.look like:Tiff, but if i looked like Tiff, then i wouldnt be me...and that would be bad, cuz then who would sell things?!right tiff?! lol!! like: Tim Burton, my dad, grandpa, know...people who actually DO stuff with thier lives. i admire people who have done a lot in a short time.
006.avoid: they know who they are, and its not a mean thing either. just mutual understanding i guess
007.kiss: Tavis cuz hes sexy....and...the only person im gonna be kissing ;) with: Tav. you should be here NOW *points to couch* sit =P

001.touched: Mom, this morning
002.talked to: Mike, a few minutes ago
003.hugged: Mom, this morning
004.instant messaged: Winter, a little bit ago
005.kissed: Tavis *its been awhile, couple months* i dont really kiss my parents anymore. i bite them =)
006.who broke your heart: Greg...shortly before tav and i started dating..ill say...january?
007.Fought with: April..yesterday. shes such a twerp.
008.You talked to on the phone: Dad a bit ago, told him Wells Fargo was being a bitch.

WHERE DO YOU in front of the television. its the most comfortable place and were not much for family togetherness anymore with mom at work. that will change now that mikes here. i like eating with tav in a nice kitchen table setting though. more company. with myself =D
003.cry: Bedroom
004.wish you were: nowhere else but here. cali weather has been strange but nice. anyone who wants to see me should come HERE
001.Dated one of your best friends? all the time.were still friends, and now my best friend is Tavis, he was my best friend before we started dating though, i just thought he was sexy and the feeling was mutual *lick*
002.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? yeah but i dont know what that question means. you mean they broke my heart or it was like "i love you! BOO HOO HOO!!" how wussy is that?
003.Drank alcohol? Yep
004.Done drugs? no. i didnt suffer through all those D.A.R.E. meetings for nothing
005.Broken the law? yeah, should do it more often
006.Ran away from home? yes =P didnt last long. i didnt bring anything with me. stupid girl
007.Broken a bone? my foot when i was 2 but my bones werent hard then so does that count? i was pretending i was a horse =P
008.Cheated on a test? no, people cheat off of ME!
009.Skinny dipped? yes =) rowr!
010.Played Truth Or Dare? yeah, it was never very fun though =P
011.Flashed someone? Yes
012.Mooned Someone? Yes
013.Kissed someone you didn't know? no =P ew SLUT!
014.Been on a talk show/game show? no but ive been on the news
015.Been in a fight? Yep
016.Ridden in a fire truck? yes, scared me cuz i thought it was gonna start rolling out of control *i was behind the wheel*
017.Been on a plane? yes
018.Come close to dying? when i was born, does that count?
019.Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend? technically no. stupid adam with his stupid "breaks" wtf was that all about?! id never cheat on Tavis. *hugs*
020.Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? mostly people carry ME cuz im only 100lbs
021.Eaten a worm/mud pie? no i was a very clean kid
022.Swam in the ocean? all the time baby! I LOVE the beach!
023.Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? um...yeah..this is a dumb question
024.Had sex: no
025.Wanted to die: yes, several times.
026.REALLY kissed someone of the same sex: no...sorry ladies

001.Girlfriend/Boyfriend: my mate, Tavis *waves*
002.When and who was your 1st crush? Joshua Boyd in the 1st grade. funny conclusion to that story, we went our own paths after 1st grade, then i went to an obscure christian middle school...and guess what..he was there and RECOGNIZED me =)
003.What do you first notice about the opposite sex: hair and eyes
004.Your idea of a perfect date: Nice Dinner, gokarts, ice cream
then come home for some snuggling and a movie
005.How romantic are you? Very, but only when its shown to me as well. by my nature, you get what you give.
006.My Ideal guygirl: My mate =) Dark hair, taller than me, very strong *able to carry me around with no problem*, has a lot of ambition, is able to take care of himself, can cook, is a fur *definite MUST*, loves animals, loves my art and can comment/critique it without being biased,is a GREAT snuggler, great kisser, is a movie buff *hey hes a manager at a movie theatre, what more could i ask for?* and is a rabid kevin smith fan =D oh yeah, must have a sense of humor...and that he does. i could go on for days about how Tavis meets my 'perfect guy requirements' but dont have the time to listen ;)
007.Name a moment that you thought was really sweet: Tav got me flowers for our 6 month anniversary. he tried to get golen poppies *my fave* but realized they dont sell them in stores. the effort was so incredibly sweet, and he got me white roses white =)also, i was "asleep" when he came home from work and he came in and kissed me so id wake up sleeping beauty style *minus the beauty lol*. i love him =)
008. Your first kiss: My first kiss with Tavis was in a UA movie theatre, we were sitting on the floor waiting for Remy to come back with snacks. we were gonna wait till later, but...silly me, im a "ill get what i want right now" type of girl ;)
009. Do you have a crush: Tav is more than a crush =P
010. How long was you longest relationship: Branden *my ex* and i were togther a year and a month. lots of problems, but tav and i are catching up problem free =)

011. When/who was your first love: I thought i was in love with Branden, but i was so blinded by my idealistic view of him that i didnt realize what a jerk he was. now that im a little older and a lot wiser in the ways of love and whats best for me....*clings to tav* this is whats right for me =)
001.The most embarrassing CD in your collection? one of those "your child can be a star" cd's that has every song personalized to your name. =P some guys singing about "Nicole" on and on and on. dad embarrassed me so bad by buying it for me. but it was funny ;)
002.Your bedroom like? lots of pictures of friends, some fan art/trades/gifts, Topcow posters, random silly magazine ads, band posters, signs from hollywood, stickers, leopard sheets, lots of plushies, lots of boxes. my rooms the family *storage area*
003.Your favorite thing for breakfast? German Pancake and bacon
004.Your favorite thing for lunch? Too many to list
005.Your favorite thing for dinner? Sushi, and once again, too many to list
006.Your favorite Restaurant? Fugiyama, passage to india...etc. too many to list. i LOVE food

001.What day is it tomorrow?: Tuesday
002.What are you going to do after this?: eat something
003.Who are you going to talk to?:mom, mike and tav when he gets home
004.Where are you going to go?: stay here
005.How old will you be when you graduate?: 18
006.What do you wanna be?: Artist!
007.What is one of your dreams?: to be well off =P

001.A Vegetarian?: No way! i LOOOOOVE meat!!
save a plant eat a cow i want meat i want it now! i will eat it cuz its red i will eat it cuz its dead!
002.A Good Student: decent. im teachers pet, though im not a straight A student. people like me for my personality, originality and stamina
004.Good at wake boarding/snow boarding: suck at both atm cuz ive never done them
005.A Good Singer?: Tav thinks i am but i hate my voice
006.A good Actor/Actress?: mom suggested i join drama but its like a cult at my school, believe me, i dated some of the *members*
007.A deep sleeper?: during earthquakes yes...
008.A Good Dancer?: i dont know how to dance at all =P cept my "happy dance" which looks surprisingly like the pulp fiction twist
009.Shy?: sometimes
010.Outgoing?: when im in my element
011.A good storyteller?: people like the fact that i do expressions/voices to represent different people/emotions
012.Last words?: Bye. I love you
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