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Thorn of the Hidden Imagination

Thats my name that i got on this little name generator site dealy CWTyger showed are some of the other ones that popped up:

cracks of the stolen morning
leaves of the moonlit fates
reflection of the shattered feline
branch of the flaming feline
deepening of the broken bark *i think that one works for, sounds like Engel when he went through puberty*
beam of the blue imagination
shade of the burning feline
haze of the forrest cheetah
attacker of the dawn light *sounds like a cat chasing a flashlight beam*
Thorns of the Fallen Rainbow

lol so yeah, no joke, the one in the title came up. weird =P

if you wanna try it out yourself go here

and now for the comedic and musical stylings of Simion Lonewolf

Simion Lonewolf: I have a question: you got a big butt? :-)
NicoleSD: no, why
NicoleSD: do you?!
Simion Lonewolf: Too bad. 'Cause I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny, when a girl walks up with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung! :-P Sorry, just found that song on the internet.
NicoleSD: *rolls eyes*
NicoleSD: LOL
Simion Lonewolf: Just be thankful you don't have to listen to whitey-white-white boy trying to rap. ^_^
NicoleSD: *gah* who?
NicoleSD: eminem?
Simion Lonewolf: No, me!
NicoleSD: LOL
Simion Lonewolf: Well, him too. But me for now.

so yeah. jenny and i are going to hang out at the drugstore tomorrow and also see about class rings. yeah, im gonna jump on the bandwagon. i also gotta see about my senior pics. *eep* forgot =P

*clock ticks...waiting for tavis*

oh and by the way, mike cooked burgers tonight. they sucked. never EVER buy meat from Trader Joes. you should never trust vegetarians with beef i told him...but he wouldnt listen! *face palms*

I think i might watch clerks again, or the clerks cartoons. right now im listening to Leaders and Followers. for those of you non kevin smith fans, this song plays right after Dante and Randal knock over the casket at Dante's ex girlfriends funeral and drive off.

You can play with the big booooys
or you can tell them what to do
but sooner or later theres another one like you

Rock on. oooo yeah
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