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mm...*crunch* rats =)

After school, Tiffalynx and i decided to go to Aibertos for lunch/dinner. Yeah, thats what its called, Aibertos with an "I".
ive noticed that most mexican food places have a "bertos" at the end of their title. Ive seen an Aibertos, Albertos, Robertos, Alibertos and today Tiff and i saw a Filibertos. *shrugs*
Anyhow, she got a beef tostada *which turned out to be a bean meat...sad* and i got a carne asada chimichanga cuz me's a hungry woof! *rowr*
so we were almost done eating at my house when Tiff noticed that the box her tostada came in had a hole in it, like something had chewed through it. A rat maybe? That grossed her out. I just laughed =)
Then we noticed parts of the box were worn away, like something acidic had burned part of it. Shes like " wonder what could have caused that?" i said, "the hot sauce mebbe? its burning a hole in my stomach right now, sheesh!" then i thought a minute and said, "well, maybe it was rat piss."
I dont think Tiff wanted to eat anymore after that. Then we both commented on how the "beef" was actually just rat meat. Just then, a piece of meat i was chewing squeaked in my mouth, no joke. Whether it was my teeth grinding together or what, it made the most horrible rat like squeek! We looked at each other and pushed our plates aside. Gotta love those hole in the wall mexican food joints!
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