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Reference for Sarge

Sarge is kind of a complex character. I signed up for this months Yerf Secret Santa and this is the description I gave:

Name: Sarge

Sex: Male

Species: German Shepherd

Age: 33

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 185 ish. Swimmer's build

Location: Southern California (inland desert or beach, doesn't matter)

Likes: first and foremost, his job as a California Highway Patrolman (workaholic), guns, motorcycles (he has a BMW CHP bike), diners, rules, corny humor, high speeds, chases, aviator sunglasses, republicans, firing ranges, boys night out, Califorina, the highway, donuts, coffee, beer, uniforms, wreckless driving, chrome, traveling, wit.

Dislikes: lawbreakers, illegal aliens, Scott Ruggels' sheriff character
, office politics and drama (prefers to stay oblivious acting even though he knows whats going on), confusion, stupid people,

Addictions: His job, being a smartass.

Attire: His CHP uniform *motorcycle version* most of the time, but when off duty he's been known to wear jeans and a flannel shirt or slacks anda polo shirt. Whichever is comfiest, but he feels at home in his uniform. He also has a version of the uniform that is for non-motorcycle wear as well for when he drives the police car. He almost always wears his reflective aviator glasses even when not on the job. It makes him feel less vulnerable.

Appearance: He is a tan and liver colored GSD with minimal facial markings and he has a gold fang on his left side. This is a very important feature.

Personality: He is a pretty "by the book" cop, but just loves to give his "victims" a run for their money with his corny humor and smartass attitude. He can be defined as a strong silent type with a perpetual smirk on his face. When needed he can seem like a total hardass with his tough appearance (its the glasses), stoic expression and large stature. He can be kind of oblivious at times, but he takes it with good humor. He loves his job and his state and takes great pride in both.

Coloration example:



(yes that's CHiPs):
(best uniform reference, caution, large):
(non motorcycle pants):
(blue and gold or white and black helmet, doesn't matter):

his bike (BMW):

his car (crown victoria):
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