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Califur 2005

Started out with registration, god what a horrible registration line. Though it was a small convention you'd think they would make registration a little better. They should have had a separate line for dealers so we didn't have to mingle with the commoners regular con-attendees and got more time to set up. I forgot my zipcode (yeah I'm a genius but I currently have 3 that I'm listed under given my work, home, and school locations) but it turns out I was registered under Brenda's zipcode so I was all confused.

Brenda and I got in, set up, and opened for business. It was a bit slow at first but it began to pick up. Brenda and I realized we have the same earning speed and traffic flow so that kept things pretty even steven so niether of us felt shortchanged or overlooked. Brenda did some EXCELLENT conbadges, I simply must get one from her, but she puts so much work and detail into them I couldn't help but feel she was shortchanging herself. She's thinking of opening up for conbadge commissions periodically, so once she does, PLEASE DO buy one from her, they are /well/ worth it and a lot of time and love go into them, it shows.

The first day had its share of uh...iiiinteresting customers, especially those who were ridiculously particular, but they didn't hassle me too much which was nice. I'm glad I actually gave them something they wanted. I was offering prints which didn't do as well as my conbadges and sketchbook sketches because I didn't have much of a selection at all due to my last minute preparation.

Staying at Brenda and John's place was nice. Its clean, I had a place to sleep and it was a comfortable environment to comfortably get my work done and relax after a hard day. Thanks so much for letting me stay, you guys, you're both wonderful hosts =) We attempted to watch StarWars Episode 2 while eating pizza but I found it so ridiculous I had to turn it off. Bleh. ;P

The second day started off with a bang and I was busier than I have ever been before. I got visited by quite a few friends including panth, haskiwolf, timberwolf4u and met some new people including, _dingo_, martes Crimson Fox and Generic Avatar. dustmeat and calicougar also came by with some of their friends and it was absolutely delightful to see them. Due some poor communication on my part, I was originally going to go to dinner with Timberwolf and the gang but I was in the mood for sushi and they went the night before, so I made plans with Brenda, Meg and their group (Tracy Reynolds, her friend Andrea, Roz, Bob, Lance, Meg, Brenda, Chris), but Timberwolf ended up not going to sushi that night anyways so it all worked out. Timber gave me some wonderful pictures of his wolves Bodie and Killian to work on a drawing of them that I took home to finish, and much thanks to sfinder for printing those out for me at the con. Dinner with the group was nice, the sushi wasn't as great as I had hoped (elitist sushi snob) but the company was wonderful and the conversation was definitely interesting. Bob is so sweet and I'm glad I got to meet him.

Brenda and I wanted to get home reasonably early so we could get some homework done for the con, which we pretty much ended up finishing alright. I had a trade I was working on for this guy who worked the pelt/bone/bead booth. I wanted the coyote skull he had (in tact, all the teeth, lower jaw and everything!) and I went to my table to get money, but he ran after me and asked how much my art was so I ended up doing a drawing of a Buffalo Cavalry Officer for him (heh, buffalo soldier XD). He has a badger bag I want so I'm going to do another drawing for him as well. Aside from food I didn't have to spend a dime at this thing, just trades, which of course I was thrilled with.

The last day started off incredibly slow, I think because people were still drunk from room parties and whatnot and were trying to sleep in. I started to get discouraged but then suddenly business boomed again and I was busier than ever. At one point I had to put a "sorry, full up =( " sign on my conbadge/sketchbook list since I had so many orders. Much thanks to everyone for your generosity, you all kept me pretty busy, but that is a good thing ;D

Much thanks also to panth for being our personal food service. You saved our tummies from starvation, yaaaay! I'm kind of disappointed they didn't have any kind of food service or buffet available at the hotel but eh, that's Holiday Inn for you. At least there was a McD's across the street.

There were so many highlights I can't really think of any to mention off the top of my head, but I just want to say to everyone I met and talked to, thank you so so much and it was really awesome to meet/see you all again.

Oh, there is one highlight, my success at my first convention as a dealer, but I'll keep that private unless asked ;) Let's just say I'm happy and content as I tripled what I thought I would and made my dad proud (NY here I come!). Thanks again all of you who bought something from me for your support, you made me want to attend more of these after I said I wouldn't go to any for awhile, but the social aspect really was nice to have again.
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